Patricia Albere's picture

The experience of 'mutual awakening' holds the key to the future. At this point in history we must develop the ability to turn towards the space between us in a stance of open surrender. When we do, we enter into a dimension of unity and connection that we intuitively know is the reality we are meant to live together. The consciousness of mutual awakening activates and unleashes a profound level of creativity and care that will evolve humanity's consciousness to the next stage.

Teemu Arina's picture

You are a holobiont, a fractal representation of self-similar evolution, a product of emergent intelligence, the ultimate prototype of orchestrated specialization.

Paul Atkins's picture

I am no more nor less important than anybody else on the planet.

Robert Atkinson's picture

A new chapter in humanity’s story is unfolding. Love is its underlying force, and oneness its emerging consciousness. In this springtime of the inner world, as an expression of our interconnectedness, joining hands across differences is the sacred activism of our time.

Cherine Badawi's picture

Amid this profound moment of planetary transition, we must share the emerging stories that speak to a sane and beloved future within our reach: a future rooted in connectedness - to self, each other and the planet. For in telling the stories, we amplify what is emerging and we amplify what is possible.

Pato Banton's picture

When spiritually motivated people work together, things are gonna change for the better.

Darius M. Barazandeh's picture

There is a light and song in your heart that is so profound, when you connect to it...anything you truly desire can become yours.

Michael Bernard Beckwith's picture

Authentic evolutionary leaders are guided by their inner spiritual practice, lead with their heart, live by their values everyday, and maintain a beginner’s mind of teachability, receptivity and humility, ever available to new insights and revelations.

Diane Berke's picture

Nothing creative or useful ever emerges from blame, judgment, or fanning the flames of reactivity within ourselves or in concert with others. The miraculous can happen when we come back to the love that is the core of our being and ask that love to guide our interactions and relationships with one another.

Joan Borysenko's picture

If we take some deep breaths, let go of our agenda, and open up to the presence of love, the spirit of guidance will let us know how to participate in creating—and enjoying—a future that works for us all.

Ben Bowler's picture

We live in a cosmic moment which is utterly unique and which represents an opportunity for the greatest of adventures, beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

Gregg Braden's picture

As we live the greatest shift in power, wealth, technology and beliefs the world has ever seen, our personal choices of cooperation and sharing become our collective answer to the crises of our shift. This Evolutionary Leadership group is simply giving a name and a focus to the cooperative movement that is emerging spontaneously throughout the world.

Rinaldo Brutoco's picture

Conscious business leaders understand that as the most powerful institution in society, business must assume responsibility for the whole—the planet itself, and all its people and creatures.

Constance Buffalo's picture

The “renaissance” of awareness is not just for man to advance into greater humanism for the good of mankind, but for men and women to join the symphony of creation and know at last that we are all related.

Sandra de Castro Buffington's picture

Stories in television and movies have the power to transform our world. To awaken us. To foster a revolution of the heart and a higher image of human potential. To create a new normal. To make every life count.

Jack Canfield's picture

We are standing at a major crossroads in human history. We are being called to evolve to a higher level of consciousness, cooperation and co-creation of a world that works for everyone and all life forms. If we fail to answer that call, we risk the total destruction of all life on the planet.

Scott Carlin's picture

I would like to invite people to engage in conscious conversations where, through heart-centered listening and being truly present in the moment, a deeper more authentic connection occurs.

Jeff Carreira's picture

When we face mounting challenges and overwhelming crises, we are tempted to see philosophy as a luxury item that we can no longer afford. It’s not! In fact, in the face of overwhelming difficulties, philosophy, which is the pursuit of truth, becomes more important, not less.

Deepak Chopra's picture

The universe has become self aware within us. We have the responsibility to be stewards of its future evolution.

John Clausen's picture

Knowing that we are consciousness becoming conscious of itself changes everything…I see it as a wondrous dance of love and service, of merging and emerging.

Andrew Cohen's picture

In our time, when so many people are looking for ways to make the world a better place, more and more of us are going to have to be spiritual heroes: to be willing, in all our imperfection, to be exemplars of what’s possible and to stand for spirit in a disbelieving world.

Oran Cohen's picture

Within each individual is the indivisible. Our work is to find the Song of Our Heart and to courageously bring it to the world with audacity, imagination, passion and grace. And, through engaging our mojo, inspire others to do the same. Now that's how we change the world; one swinging heart at a time!

Roger Collis's picture

I am very interested in approaches that explore the subtler dimensions of life and how to creatively partner with the non-physical worlds to bring wholeness and hope to our world. Where can I serve next? What possibilities are yet to be realized?

Bruce Cryer's picture

There can never be too much peace and love in a world starving for both.

Jude Currivan's picture

In the commonality of our humanity we are all ordinary. In the commonality of our divinity we are all extraordinary.

Téana David's picture

The wisdom that lives in our bodies is an untapped resource for collective connection & awakening.

Panache Desai's picture

You are not broken. You do not need healing. You do not need fixing. Everything you’ve been looking for has always resided within you and now it’s time to fully embrace your magnificence.

Stephen Dinan's picture

Everything in our world is sacred and interconnected - and we're in the midst of an epochal shift to recognizing that truth in every realm of human endeavor. It's a magnificent time to be alive and participate in this evolutionary leap.

Barbara Dossey's picture

Healing is a lifelong journey into wholeness. As we expand our states of consciousness, we increase our capacities as global citizens to work from our soul’s purpose and to be agents for change.

Larry Dossey's picture

Nature did not design us to live and work alone. This lesson is seen in the herds, flocks, and schools in the natural world. At the human level, the Evolutionary Leaders Circle embodies this fundamental pattern. Through our mutual sharing in the ELC, our hopes have their best chance of being realized in a world in serious need of our vision.

Mark Dubois's picture

With humanity amidst the greatest transformation of our evolution, accelerating our basic operating system's shift from fear to love, is our greatest challenge… and tremendous opportunity.

Gordon Dveirin's picture

If we want to get back to the garden, we have to become the gardeners.This is the secret door to paradise – co-creativity –humans and nature partnering as artists to bring the world of living beauty into ever fresh forms for the shared sacrament of pure enjoyment.

Duane Elgin's picture

As we humans learn to live in a living universe, awakening our capacity for collective consciousness is our most critical and creative challenge.

Kristin Engvig's picture

I sense that the future of humanity really depends on women’s dreams being heard and realized. Our authentic visions can’t be hidden in our hearts or drawers anymore. So, if you are not living your dream yet- now is the time to do so.

Masen Ewald's picture

No one knows what the most beautiful human future might be. Instead of starting with visions to change the world, we can start by more radically loving it, trusting that love creatively changes what needs to be changed.

Justin Faerman's picture

As you believe, so shall you perceive.

As you love, so shall you become.

Steve Farrell's picture

Let’s create a new dream based on the Divine in life that humanity can manifest together. Living our lives in Oneness, we will create the future we’ve always wanted for ourselves, our children and future generations.

Barbara Fields's picture

To be/work/love from a place of true and pure authenticity catalyzes a state of grace beyond linear explanation. It’s a kind of spiritual alchemy... When all stops at the center. When the noise of material life fades and all distracted motivations dissolve... In this place, one sees clearly and choices cannot help but be authentic. You stand at the cocreative edge and hold hands with the universe.

Linda Francis [1943-2022]'s picture

When you are aware that you are a student in the Earth school, everything that you encounter is your teacher.

Hugo Francone's picture

A "new" understanding of the world expressed by science in convergence with spiritual traditions is key to personal and collective transformation. It is a permanent path that brings us closer to freedom and happiness, transcending duality and affirming that we are both wave and ocean, at the same time.

Ashok Gangadean's picture

All through the ages our great wisdom teachers - our evolutionary elders - have issued a call to humanity to fulfill our evolutionary destiny through an awakening of consciousness. This global call to conscious evolution fulfills our individual and collective maturation as humans and marks our advance to sustainable cultures and the flourishing of our human family. We have arrived at our moment of choice.

Marcel Gasser's picture

The adventure starts if there is not adventure anymore.

Neil Gaur's picture

It is time to remember the true potential of humanity and create real peace and unity on planet Earth. We have the knowledge, awareness, tools and technology to create an ascended world. The moment is now for the evolution of our consciousness into the next octave of existence.

Alan Gegenschatz's picture

Don’t think too much

Act with love, faith and truth

David Gershon's picture

And the ancient heroic ones offered the torch and said "make the world better." Those who receive the fire embark on a profound journey to greater self knowledge, spiritual fulfillment and soul growth.

Mark Gerzon's picture

To meet the tough global, integrated challenges of today, we urgently need to raise the level of our collective leadership. We need to increase both our global intelligence (mind) and our planetary empathy (heart) in order to a give birth to a just and sustainable civilization.

Charles Gibbs's picture

The call of this moment and all moments is to seek the light and face the darkness without and within with an unflinching commitment to journey each day at least a little toward enlightenment – living in love, fearless, joyous and free – in service to this glorious and wounded world.

Suzanne Giesemann's picture

Life is a series of tests. They are not multiple choice. The answer is Love.

Alex Grey's picture

The visionary artist’s brush is a torch leading humanity to a higher ground of meaning beyond materialism.

Allyson Grey's picture

Every moment is an opportunity for love and transformation.

Chris Grosso's picture

My sincere and humble intention is that in all your uniqueness, you find peace and happiness while being “you” and walking your own authentic spiritual path.

Kazu Haga's picture

If we carry intergenerational trauma, then we also carry intergenerational wisdom. By maintaining a relationship with our ancestral wisdom, we can build a truly peaceful world for future generations.

Mussie Hailu's picture

The Golden Rule is a pathway to disarm fear, to open the world for compassion and to lay the foundations for lasting peace. The Golden Rule is a road map to build a better future for this generation and generation yet to come.

Adam C. Hall's picture

Let us not forget that we are not simply flesh and blood. We are the infinite stream of Love that flows endlessly into the hearts and minds of our brothers and sisters.

Antoinette "Rootsdawtah" Hall's picture

Through more truth, more knowledge, and more understanding of diversity, we'll learn to love each other. And by loving we’ll start serving our brothers and sisters. This transformation starts to awaken God within us and moves us closer to light and life.

Olivia Hansen's picture

Together we can inspire a transformation of consciousness that brings in the best efforts of humanity working for a better world for all. Life and the crises of the times demand this. And together we can do it.

Philip Hellmich [1961-2022]'s picture

Peace, love and compassion are qualities of the soul. Peacebuilding is the art and science of awakening these soul qualities in grounded, practical and culturally appropriate ways that help to uplift humanity and all of life.

Jarrad Hewett's picture

Constant as the ever-present moment of now is our Source Self, and Understanding how to reach and operate from that center are the keys to uniting and healing not just a fractured culture, but a fractured self. By tapping into who we really are, we begin to see in life-altering ways that through our own actions, in-actions, thoughts, beliefs, etc, just how our world (and our perspective of that world) has come into being. Our essence is Divine Love.

Donald David Hoffman's picture

Spacetime is just a headset that some conscious agents use to interact with other conscious agents.

Kristin Hoffmann's picture

My goal is to spread love, light, peace and truth into the world through the vehicles of music and energetic frequency.

Jean Houston's picture

There is a radical need for a new natural philosophy based on our new knowledge of the cosmos, the world, the cross-cultural mix of knowledge and understanding, potential evolutionary directions, and our own emerging realities.

Jean-Louis Huard's picture

Love is the medicine to heal the world.

Barbara Marx Hubbard's picture

The only solution is our own conscious evolution.

Thomas Hübl's picture

Our deepest humanity is our highest possibility.

Desiree Hurtak's picture

We live in exciting times where the paradigms of Life are being redefined by those who seek a positive future and those who know that Love is the true Law of Life.

J.J. Hurtak's picture

Future Science is science guided by consciousness. All of us can be witnesses to the aliveness of the spirit and the crucial meeting between science and consciousness that defines a new Image of Humanity.

Shamini Jain's picture

Our collective existential crises are paving the way for our recognition of Oneness.

Let us fully dance through Maya into the heart of Love.

Shilpa Jain's picture

If 'divide-and-rule' has been the major operating system of the last few hundred years, and has led us to the current crises that exist today -- perhaps 'connect-and-self-organize' is a way to a healthier, thriving, more just and balanced world at all levels: personal, interpersonal and systemic.

Kurt Johnson's picture

Interspirituality—a more universal experience of the world’s religions, emphasizing shared experiences of heart and unity consciousness—represents part of the world’s ongoing movement toward globalization and multiculturalism. It can be seen as the inevitable response of religions to globalization. ~ Kurt Johnson, The Coming Interspiritual Age.

Anodea Judith's picture

Evolution is the gods’ way of making more gods

Juan Carlos Kaiten's picture

We are transitioning from the era of the American Dream to the one of The Planetary Dream, the one where we all win. A new Social Operating System is emerging and giving birth to a new era of peace. Let’s co-create our Great Story and make it happen!

David Karchere's picture

It is the human destiny to become on the outside what we already are on the inside – a sun. The fire of the universe is in our atoms, in our cells and in our hearts, looking to express itself has a human being. We, as humankind, are in the process of opening ourselves to that reality. We are becoming a sun.

Loch Kelly's picture

Initial waking-up leads to freedom from the fear of death. Waking-in to embodiment leads to freedom from the fear of life. And waking-out to relationships, creativity and compassionate activity leads to freedom from the fear of love.

Margo King's picture

What joy, realizing the ever present great natural perfection of everything, just as it is! What pure relaxation, knowing ourselves to BE the unified field and power of natural intelligence itself ---- inseparably, spontaneously, acausally, timelessly, immutably, blissfully, infinitely expressing and collaborating in and as life --- as creative expressions, leaders and agents of compassionate wisdom, intrinsic ethics, and skillful means, in practical action for the benefit of all everywhere.

Jackie Knechtel's picture

Love can never be created nor destroyed – it is the very essence of who we are.

Domen Kocevar's picture

Systematic and unavoidable change will happen in every individual when the minimum soul connection takes place on the level of Humanity. Basic inner knowing that we all are brothers and sisters will give us no excuse to not actively stand up for anyone in need in all fields of life – whether social, scientific, religious, political or economic. No excuses anymore.

Kanu Kogod's picture

The freedom of our expression leads us to see the beauty in ourselves and our evolving creation. And when I see the beauty and love in me, I also see it in you. Although I may be but one blip in the great system of humanity, my precious spark and your precious spark are keys to the whole catastrophe of life.

Eve Konstantine's picture

Life is an art, and I’m in training.

Emanuel Kuntzelman's picture

Now is the time—this singular moment in history—when evolutionary leaders converge so a new culture of higher purpose can emerge.

Sage Lavine's picture

That which is inside you and expressed will set you free, that which is inside you and unexpressed will eat you from the inside out.

Thomas Legrand's picture

Politics of being aims at aligning our institutions with our true reason to be here on Earth: becoming who we are, the best and most complete version of ourselves.

Lori Leyden's picture

One of my deepest desires is to make a significant contribution to bringing about a collective “heart” shift that results in global peace and healing in our world. for adults and children worldwide to connect with each other in a spirit of “Oneness,” and an unbroken circuit of giving and receiving so that we can meet in the sweet spot in the middle where there is only love and everything is possible.

Christopher Life's picture

May we honor both love and power, and rise together, all in for all life, as we integrate them well.

Bruce Lipton's picture

We are on the threshold of the greatest adventure in human history — conscious evolution! New-edge science offers a bold and hopeful vision of the next “holistic” stage of human civilization and what each of us can do to fully participate as co-creators of the world to come.

Kahontakwas Diane Longboat's picture

Humanity stands at the precipice. Our thoughts, behaviours and actions will dictate how life will continue or not, on Mother Earth.

We must evolve spiritually, receive spiritual guidance daily, and act on the guidance given in order to grow as individuals and heal Mother Earth as we do so. Only when we truly live the universal spiritual laws and the natural laws of Mother Earth will we complete our spiritual mandate. Life on earth is a training ground to become the spiritual warrior of peace.

Jewel Love's picture

Being “reborn” is a spiritual concept. Our first birth comes through our mother. Our second birth is the conscious evolution of our unique destiny upon earth. The world is awaiting your arrival.

Carolyn Lukensmeyer's picture

Harnessing the burgeoning consciousness that is found in awakening people throughout the world to help address the compelling issues of our time will require a degree of transformation that is unprecedented in the known history of our world. 

Lynnaea Lumbard's picture

Knowing we co-create our own evolution calls us into the greatness of our beauty, wisdom, compassion, skill, grace and courage to live into a new story of what humanity can be.

Jyoti Ma's picture

We are living in prophetic times. Times that have been prophesied through many generations. These prophecies prepared us for these times, and now they are instructing us in these times. We must unite and listen deeply to this instruction that Mother Earth has given to Her Original Peoples. Those that are listening are carrying the seeds of a new dawn.

Elza S. Maalouf's picture

I strongly believe that meaningful change in the Muslim world will take hold when Pragmatists—and not just moderates—are chosen to lead. In a predominantly tribal world Pragmatists can lead, moderates follow. My work is informed by Psychology at the Large Scale that designs for the emergence of healthy cultures.

Rama Mani's picture

"The Universe is a Single Family and the Earth is Our Shared and Sacred Home"
- the Humanity Charter (

Howard Martin's picture

Through the power of your heart’s intelligence you can move beyond your limitations into a new reality that allows you to become a more conscious co-creator and true custodian of the planet and its future.

Joe Martino's picture

Change starts within. Even external solutions first have to begin with a change in consciousness.

Fred Matser's picture

The chaos in the environment is a reflection of the disorder in our minds and hearts (invironment).

Peter Matthies's picture

In our world of increasing uncertainty and change, there’s a huge opportunity for individuals and businesses to step up and take the lead. To create new models for business, education, governance, and even personal relationships where we can expand into our authenticity, genuinely connect with each other, and create outstanding things together.

Sarah McCrum's picture

There’s a new consciousness growing on this planet that is generous, expansive and exquisitely beautiful. It grows by being shared from one person to another.

Rod McGrew's picture

The Evolutionary Leaders represent a New Perspective on the many ways in which the Human Collective can Serve to Enrich Humanity and the Environment as a Whole.

Jennifer McLean's picture

The greatest risk is to not risk.

Lynne McTaggart's picture

For hundreds of years we have acted against nature by defining ourselves as separate from our world. What is now called for, in the midst of the continuing crises in our current way of life, are measures far more radical than individual instances of economic, political or ecological reform. We now require nothing less than a revolution in our thinking, in our entire paradigm.

Oscar Medina's picture

Follow the golden thread from the heart of Consciousness to your Self. 

Nipun Mehta's picture

Small acts of generosity elegantly reduce our mental footprint. It is that internal simplicity that will seed a cultural shift from consumption to contribution, transaction to trust, isolation to community, and scarcity to abundance. 

Peter Merry's picture

Sink your roots deep, reach for the heavens, open your heart and do what needs to be done.

Nina Meyerhof's picture

People of the world who hear the Call to Consciousness acknowledge that we are called upon to move from limited thinking to the emerging awareness of our inherent unity. Yet it is our future generations who will BE and live this. May we help be their WAY and support their future of evolutionary leadership in this revolution of social consciousness.

Paul J. Mills's picture

Along the evolutionary journey, in the same way that the human being must transcend egotism and embrace the universal Self, so too science must now transcend materialism and embrace ways of observation and knowing based on love and compassion. 

Oscar Miro-Quesada's picture

When we surrender the need to figure it all out, and cultivate the ability to let it all in, then our earth walk becomes a sacred dance of healing service on the planet. More than the world needs saving, it needs loving.

Deborah Moldow's picture

The times we live in are calling us all to a new level of love and service. What a joy to answer this call together!

Anita Moorjani's picture

LOVE begets LOVE. It took death for me to realize that we come from a state of love, and we will return to that state, and that love is actually our natural state. Let's CHOOSE LOVE!

Andrew Newberg's picture

We are all philosophers, ultimate reality is everywhere around us, and everywhere absolute truths are simple.

David Nicol's picture

We are an opening to the infinite, and through us can flow the unlimited powers of the cosmos.

Karen Noé's picture

All life is sacred. Living a life of compassion and nonviolence includes loving and protecting all sentient beings, especially those who are defenseless and have no voice.

James O'Dea's picture

In the end the human story is a healing story, and Earth's whole system healing will be an initiation into an even greater story of cosmic unfolding.

Udoh Opiotennione's picture

Music is what our Thoughts, Feelings, and Dreams sound like. Express Yourself!

Rick Paine's picture

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” – Arundhati Roy

Gino Pastori-Ng's picture

Act from the heart, don't fear the law.
Prepared to fly, cause I dare to fall.
Walking might seem daunting, only if you're scared to crawl.

Ariel Patricia's picture

I believe wisdom coupled with the power of story – written, spoken and lived – allows us to deepen into the Mystery of our souls.

John Pehrson's picture

We are living at the tip of the tipping point in a time of transformation. Let us live so that every thought we think and each action we take will serve to restore the knowledge of our interconnectivity with each other and with all life on this planet and beyond.

Jeanne White Eagle Pehrson's picture

What I have seen is a way to sustain the awakening taking place in the emerging new species of Human AND a way to create an environment where direct contact with species not from planet Earth can take place on a regular basis, where overt ongoing interaction and healthy relations becomes the norm.

John Perkins's picture

We are blessed to be living at this time of the greatest revolution in history, the Consciousness Revolution. People around the world are waking up to the fact that we must transition from a Death Economy, based on wars and ravaging the earth, to a Life Economy, based on cleaning up pollution, helping hungry people feed themselves, creating new forms of energy, transportation, banking, and business in general. The 1% have screwed the rest of us and we are shaking ourselves awake!

Carter Phipps's picture

What the world needs now are Evolutionaries, committed activists and advocates, positive agents of change, interested in conscious evolution, who recognize the urgent need for our own culture to evolve, and for each of us to play a positive role in that outcome.

Paulette Pipe's picture

Love lingers longer than the thought each time we touch the stillness.

Mitchell J. Rabin's picture

Our being sacred stewards I believe is our calling in the extraordinary evolutionary play of creation. So what are we waiting for? Let’s play!

Jon Ramer's picture

As we evolve individually and collectively the time is upon us to co-create the solutions that lead us to turn what we have into what we need. Game on!!

Carolyn Rangel's picture

The brave are fearless, but the benevolent are invincible.

Ocean Robbins's picture

The struggle for justice is as old as tyranny itself, and the longing for a world guided by love is as deep as the human heart. Thank you for joining in the ancient struggle to build a new world.

Llyn Roberts's picture

We live in a provocative, evolving time that promises to impact how we live together on the Planet, how we continue as a species, and how we understand ourselves in relation to a larger universe. Now is the time to live in ecstatic relationship with nature, and the force of life itself.

Peter Russell's picture

The next great frontier is not outer space, but inner space: research and development into the untapped potentials of human consciousness.

Brian James Russo's picture

We weave the design of a regenerative Earth as one, reflecting our light toward one another to shine brighter together!

Derek Rydall's picture

Find your passion, live your purpose, make an impact.

Elisabet Sahtouris's picture

If bacteria could learn to cooperate without benefit of heart or brain, surely we humans should be able to as well.

Yuka Saionji Matsuura's picture

When we start to truly connect with the wisdom within ourselves, as well as the wisdom that lies beyond us, a shift starts to happen. I believe the time has come for individuals and organizations awakening to this balance to come together in love and power, to join hands in this movement, and to collectively create a positive future together.

Deborah Sandella's picture

Freedom and spontaneity are the spice of life that nurtures heart and soul. Wisely evolving these qualities in our human community is our premier work at this time in history.

Amanda Sanders's picture

My two favorite words are "Until Now." Two little words that open up the field of infinite possibilities, allowing an instant quantum shift, breaking us free from our limitations, habits, and memories. Try it!

Alexander Schieffer's picture

Everyone has a start to follow. Everyone has a castle to find.

Gerard Senehi's picture

Not already knowing is a quality that is inherent in the evolutionary perspective,  because we intuit that entirely new ways of seeing, being and acting are  possible. This intuition gives us the freedom to let go of attachment to the way things are and open ourselves up to new possibilities.  

Vandana Shiva's picture

Over the past three decades I have tried to be the change I want to see.

Kasha Sequoia Slavner's picture

Youth have the power to address the climate crisis and create global peace, but the responsibility shouldn't fall on our shoulders alone. We need to build intergenerational partnerships to create sustainable change for generations to come.

Robert Smith's picture

We are awakening from the programming and conditioning that has contained us, namely through the process of belief. Everything we believe, we create the experience of in our lives. In order to have the kind of world we want, in order to have the kind of life we want, we don’t need to undo an old belief, we just need to introduce a new belief.

Anneloes Smitsman's picture

The wheels of time are turning. Our next cycle is presenting itself. The dawn of a new era is now upon us, and it is piercing through our collective Darkness. The first new Lights are already illuminating our hearts and our worlds. Our perspectives of time might be different, yet our Love is the same. It is through this Love that we reach each other, and we actualize our unity.

Claudia Sobrevila's picture

Nature is sacred. It has been respected by indigenous cultures around the world for millennia. There is nothing more important to reach peace and enlightenment at the individual and collective levels than to take care of Nature.

Sergey Solonin's picture

Love like you have never been hurt. Work like you don’t need money. Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Live like it's heaven on Earth. Die like the whole life is ahead of you.

Christian Sorensen's picture

A thousand difficulties don’t need to make one doubt. Let your life reflect the ever emerging good for all the world to see.

John Steiner's picture

“The discovery that peace, happiness and love are ever-present within our own Being, and completely available at every moment of experience, under all conditions, is the most important discovery that anyone can make.” – Rupert Spira

Alan Steinfeld's picture

As explorers of the vast unknown, we are here to pave fresh pathways into the neurology of consciousness and forge the cognition of new realities

Fumi Johns Stewart's picture

Open your heart to the sacred frequencies of perfect peace and harmony.

Daniel Stone's picture

Each one of us faces questions in all spheres of our lives; and yet the answer to every question lies within our hearts, and is accessible through stillness and love.

Katherine Woodward Thomas's picture

We all want to be a force for positive change. Yet, until we actually make the choice for care over indifference, faith over control, humility over ego, and uncertainty over certainty, we will be less than effective. Becoming a true evolutionary-- one who is able to midwife the unmanifest potentials of life into the manifest world, requires great character, commitment and courage.

Kit Thomas's picture

Wisdom isn’t owned by anyone, but belongs to everyone.

Lila Sophia Tresemer's picture

We move now from Self Realization to Earth Realization--and learn through sacred practice to be rooted here and relevant everywhere.

Yasmeen Turayhi's picture

Life is more fun when you believe in magic.

Lynne Twist's picture

When you let go of trying to get more of what you don't really need, it frees up oceans of energy to make a difference with what you have. When you make a difference with what you have, it expands.

Katia Txi's picture

If you listen to your body whisper, you won’t need to hear it scream. 

If you don’t heal your inner wounds, you will continue to bleed on those who haven’t cut you.

Rick Ulfik's picture

Never before have so many "Cultural Creatives" made their voices heard on behalf of changing humanity’s direction from self-destruction to building a peaceful sustainable future. My mission is to connect these voices so they can act collectively creating a culture of caring that reflects WE Consciousness and ensures the wellbeing of all. Thank you for adding your voice to this growing global chorus!

Jeff Vander Clute's picture

The great war of human unconsciousness tearing itself apart is already over. Illumination is here. Look closely and you can see the new reality in the eyes of so many people who are at last waking up to the all-embracing Love and choosing to live as expressions of harmonized planetary Being.

Cassandra Vieten's picture

Well-being is not about eliminating the unwanted parts of ourselves or our experience. It's about radical inclusion. When we embrace the whole with open eyes and an open heart, we paradoxically transform it.

Alberto Villoldo's picture

The visible and invisible worlds are inextricably intertwined...once you’ve opened your eyes to this, you can dance between them and change the world with every thought you have and every word you speak.

Daniel Christian Wahl's picture

Humanity is undergoing a species-level ‘rite of passage’. This challenges all of us to be both hospice workers of the old ways and midwifes of the new. What lies beyond is uncertain, yet, it promises a calaidoscpoe of diverse regenerative cultures everywhere expressing our mature membership in the community of life. Regeneration Rising! Trim-tabs Unite!

Michael Wayne's picture

An evolved open future and culture awaits us: this is what is emerging, blossoming and coming to fruition. It is occurring technologically, culturally, economically, and spiritually - and this movement is finding its way into the mainstream. At the root of this movement is the evolutionary transformation of the individual. An evolved open future and culture will allow us to thrive, flourish, innovate, create, and prosper by taking away the barriers that disconnect us from ourselves and others. There is a future ready and waiting to emerge, a future that our hearts know is real and possible.

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To become evolutionary in one’s thinking one needs to believe that more is possible. It’s about moving forward and not only activating one’s highest potential but taking it a step beyond that to a zone where true evolution takes place.

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Reality is a mirror of our consciousness – it's an operating system for us to change now.

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Who doesn’t want to improve their personal wellbeing; their families, neighborhoods, schools, and businesses; their governments and economies; and their stewardship of the natural world? These goals are within reach—but only if we see the world through the lens of the right theory

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We are biological creatures, living in intimate exchange with the life around us for millions of years. Our lives obey the same forces as every other Earthling. We are bound by the same accounting. Life grows from the bottom up, in patchy populations of individuals whose lives are tuned to the light and soil and rain where they live. This is likewise what we're made to do.

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Conscious Media authentically explores the human condition with the intent of elevating that condition. But most importantly it helps us to connect with the divine within so we can connect with the divine in each other.

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Being grateful is the easiest way to be full.

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To heal the body, first you must heal the Soul. Let every situation and understanding of life be your medicine, not your poison.