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Through years of evolution since his youth, a threatened river, its canyon and all its life transformed his relationship with All Life gifting him a Passion and Love for Life.

How to support and catalyze our Great Global Emergence, reminding and inspiring humanity of the magnitude of who we truly are when operating from love and connectedness, as well as our opportunity at this historic time in co-creating a world that serves Life, while discovering our true human potential, has long been Mark’s devotion and calling. 

As Co-International Coordinator for Earth Day 1990 and 2000, his team collaborated with thousands of groups in 184 countries (outside the US) co-creating the world’s largest grassroots environmental event with 200 millions people actively participating. He and his colleagues received the 1990 Beyond War Award for organizing the ‘largest peace event in history’. 

With The Pachamama Alliance’s global awakening initiatives, Mark coordinated Organizational Alliances, Youth Liaison and 4 Years Go! (’07-’11), implementing Pachamama’s vision for flourishing sustainability, social justice & equity, and spiritual fulfillment. 

He co-founded International Rivers Network (’84), Friends of the River (’74) & Environmental Traveling Companions (’72).  Via International Rivers and WorldWise (’90), he supported grassroots campaigns for World Bank & IMF policy reform, and coordinated annual grassroots NGO lobby efforts with Bank Executive Directors for 10 years.

Rivers, canyons and Nature are his true home for refuge and renewal. Mark is based in Nevada City, CA with his wife Clare Dubois, founder and leader of TreeSisters.  They perpetually explore how best contribute to humanity's Great Awakening.

With humanity amidst the greatest transformation of our evolution, accelerating our basic operating system's shift from fear to love, is our greatest challenge… and tremendous opportunity.