Evolutionary Leaders: Purpose, Mission, Vision & Principles, How We Engage

Evolutionary Leaders Circle Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to collectively inspire, support and serve conscious evolution.

Evolutionary Leaders Circle Mission Statement

United by a shared commitment to strategically engage our collective field of potential, we serve our purpose by providing opportunities for synergistic engagement among evolutionary leaders who are forging a movement for the conscious evolution of humanity. 

The Evolutionary Leaders Circle gathers annually in retreat to come into communal relationship with one another, deepening our collective consciousness and strengthening our mutual intention, thus setting the foundation for the emergence of the next steps of our evolutionary journey.

The retreat balances silence, relaxation, collaborative inquiry, and sharing amongst peers, inspiring and fostering new pathways of consciousness, capacity, collaboration, and community among us.

Together we explore ideas, perspectives and modalities that support an evolutionary worldview, pushing the edge of our collective thinking, knowing, and evolution. We seek to make insights that emerge from our exploration accessible to the public through diverse media, educational, and other relevant platforms.

Our engagement with one another inspires cooperative partnerships within the EL Circle and also enhances and amplifies the work we are already doing in our various fields of endeavor. The EL Circle strives to inspire and support evolutionary leadership and visionary action throughout the world by giving voice to conscious, transformational and evolutionary ideas that meet the challenges of our time.


Evolutionary Leaders Circle Vision & Principles Statement


To collaboratively co-create and synergize a global network of networks, organizations and individuals dedicated to accelerating the evolution of consciousness for the benefit of all life.


Unitive Worldview: We weave together a diverse global community in service to a universal, unitive and evolving consciousness. (Click here for the unitive narrative statement.)

Heart-Based: We balance and integrate mind- and heart-based wisdom to empower compassionate action.

Synergy: We nurture synergies that lead to constructive, creative collaboration. 

Empowerment: We are mutually supportive of each other’s uniqueness, diversity, strengths, and efforts.

Coherence: We integrate our individual and collective gifts and strengths to create super-coherence among organizations. 

Innovation: We utilize emergent social processes and technologies that bring us together and enable us to live in harmony with each other and enhance all life. 

New Narrative: We co-create a unitive new narrative of peace, well-being, and an expanded evolutionary consciousness for all humanity.


Evolutionary Leaders How We Engage Statement

We are a network of people who feel deep caring and a sense of urgency about the state of our world, and who each dedicate our lives and work to expressing a passionate commitment to both the inner work of human transformation and the outer work of social transformation.

We come together to catalyze and contribute to the evolution of one another and everyone whose lives we touch, and to magnify our ability to be of benefit. We aspire to pioneer the processes by which evolutionaries themselves continually evolve holistically, personally and in our service to all life.

We are committed to mentoring, coaching, inspiring and loving one another dynamically. Our convergence helps us, individually and collectively, to become more and more authentic, aligned, humble, cooperative, courageous, vulnerable, co-creative, innovative, and effective. Our engagement with one another inspires synergistic collaborations in self-organizing partnerships, in service to the emergence of a movement for the conscious evolution of humanity.