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Amanda has changed the landscape of every industry she has worked in from CRM software to high-growth business strategy to venture investing and was once dubbed the "Dos Equis Woman" (if you don't know The Most Interesting Man in the World, it's worth a Google). Amanda is co-founder of Authentic CEO and its transformational Growth Catalyst Program, a groundbreaking fusion of quantum physics, neuroscience, business strategy and consciousness. She is General Partner at Wai-Mohala Ventures, bringing the Growth Catalyst Program into venture to create high-growth, conscious companies with the goal of investing $1 billion in women-led companies that are changing the world. She is also an advisor for several companies and mentors through startup accelerators such as FourthWave.

As a former tech CEO, 10x startup founder, and consultant for companies such as Apple, Dell, Visa, Wells Fargo, Zynga, Verizon, Southwest, Honda, and many other widely known brands, Amanda brings her business strategy and high-growth expertise along with her passion for studying quantum physics for 2+ decades. Amanda has contributed to making more than one unicorn company and is now helping companies achieve high-growth and maximum impact while concurrently developing healthy, fulfilled, conscious leaders.
In 2018, Amanda had an undeniable calling to bring consciousness into business to change the world from the workplace outwards. Soon after, she met Amy Levin and they founded Authentic CEO, working with entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and elite performers to transform their business, investments, relationships, and their happiness & wellbeing. Their breakthrough approach uncovers and maximizes the full potential of leaders and teams yielding exceptional impact and returns with over $1 billion of value created since 2020.

Amanda and Amy are currently expanding their work to other venture funds, accelerators, and business programs to ubiquitously transform the way business is done. Read more and connect at [biz] [biz] [personal, under construction]

My two favorite words are "Until Now." Two little words that open up the field of infinite possibilities, allowing an instant quantum shift, breaking us free from our limitations, habits, and memories. Try it!