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Emanuel Kuntzelman is an entrepreneur, writer, philosopher, philanthropist and activist for social transformation. He began his adult life by traveling the world on a decade-long quest for his spiritual purpose before beginning his professional career as an editor/writer for Readers’ Digest, where he authored dozens of articles for international editions. Upon discovering his right livelihood in the realm of cultural exchange, he founded and managed numerous exchange organizations in Spain, the U.S. and the U.K. Having created Greenheart International in 1985, he still serves as Chief Advisor to the organization. He is also the co-founder of Fundación por el Futuro in Madrid, Spain, and has been its President since 1995. His work in spiritual movements includes being a founding co-creator of the Global Purpose Movement and Purpose Earth, as well as his collaboration as a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle.

Emanuel is a board member and/or advisor to: Greenheart, Humanity’s Team, Unity Earth, Integral Transformative Practice International, and the Laszlo Institute for New Paradigm Research. He is co-editor of the anthology Purpose Rising (2017) and has contributed articles to a wide variety of publications. His vision of the Holomovement is a project he has been working on for over fifty years.

Now is the time—this singular moment in history—when evolutionary leaders converge so a new culture of higher purpose can emerge.