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Jeff Vander Clute

The river of evolution has carried Jeff through many stages: from singer-songwriter-guitarist and skateboarder early on to aspiring mathematician and physicist in college, to developer of Internet platforms that amplified the voices of millions and "connected the global heart," to (r)evolutionary investor of Consciousness in transformation-oriented businesses and mentor to AWAKE and awakening leaders and organizations.

Since 2010, Jeff has been investigating, unceasingly, subtle realms of vibration, information, and LIGHT. Out of these explorations, radical transformational technologies have emerged that integrate intuitive and more traditionally “Western” ways of knowing along with detailed maps of Consciousness and Awareness that focus the power of CREATION for healing, awakening, and the holistic reinvention of human systems.

Through Sourcing The Way, a coaching and consulting company that he co-founded in 2013, Jeff is working with visionary leaders in different industries to build “radiant enterprises” that are succeeding by serving the whole of life and transforming their respective industries in the process. His deeper mission is to support the enlightenment of 470 million people over the next 50 years – an assignment he received in the Himalayas on New Year's Day 2016.

Jeff's organizational affiliations include Alliance for the Earth, Charter for Compassion International, Compassionate Action Network, DreamRider Productions, Evolutionary Leaders, InClaritas, Source of Synergy Foundation, and Sourcing The Way.

In Self-realization, here You are, having a human experience of Your own creation. Turn the dial of awareness and You are Humanity having a collective experience. Turn the dial further and You are another species, a planet, a solar system, galaxies, universes, and beyond… all manifesting, experiencing, and disappearing from view. In AWAKENESS, you are the SOURCE of the Totality of phenomenal existence.