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Jeff Vander Clute
Jeff Vander Clute is a consciousness coach, guide, and mentor who grows spiritually awakened people and organizations. He loves helping visionary entrepreneurs and changemakers to open to the deeper reality of their being, expand into freedom, become radically clear, and live an empowered life now.
Jeff has pioneered methods that enable individuals and complex systems to navigate radical transformation with grace. He facilitates enlightened decision making that serves life, as well as the development of extraordinary capacities for inspired action, joy, and real prosperity.
He spends his days appreciating the unity of inner and outer reality, and working with people who are committed to a full awakening for themselves and humanity – an awakening that can be applied practically, in service. With a growing family of co-explorers, he offers consciousness-oriented retreats, workshops, and online courses to a global audience.
Jeff is a co-founder of Sourcing The Way, a co-founder and facilitator of The Consciousness of Money, a founding steward of The Enlightenment Zone, a longstanding member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, and board chair of Source of Synergy Foundation

The great war of human unconsciousness tearing itself apart is already over. Illumination is here. Look closely and you can see the new reality in the eyes of so many people who are at last waking up to the all-embracing Love and choosing to live as expressions of harmonized planetary Being.