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Lila Sophia Tresemer

Lila Sophia Tresemer, co-Founder of The StarHouse in Boulder, with David, her life-partner of 30 years.

Lila is a group facilitator, certified mediator, author, ceremonialist, and minister. She co-created a ground-breaking program called Women of Vision in Israel/Palestine between 2004-2012 and now leads sacred activist tours to Washington, D.C. to engage with the archetypes of the Feminine.

She produces programs for sacred living and remembrance online and onsite at the StarHouse. Lila is dedicated to building a global community, honoring the Feminine in Sacred Union and balance with the Masculine. Her current passion is weaving a living network for the Lineage of Sophia for men and women around the world who are seeking to reconnect with Sacred Earth Activism and spiritual practices that matter and transform in these astonishing times.

Lila's work includes: Don't Go Back to Sleep (a spiritual novel) and The Conscious Wedding Handbook (with Sounds True); Sophia Gnostic Creation Story  (An animated Creation Myth available to see at; The Goddess of America: Sacred Activism for our Nation.

She and David write and teach together on several topics: The 12 Senses; Sacred Sites as Consciousness Tools; and they have written and produced 3 theatrical productions together. Mostly, it's all about love and connection.

We move now from Self Realization to Earth Realization--and learn through sacred practice to be rooted here and relevant everywhere.