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Professor Alexander Schieffer is an integral philosopher, academic activist, passionate educator, and mystic poet. He is Co-Founder of TRANS4M Academy for Integral Transformation (Geneva, Switzerland) and Co-Founder of Home for Humanity (France), a transformative community of "integral worldmakers‚" sharing the vision of co-creating home on Earth. A Professor of Integral Development at Da Vinci Institute, South Africa and St Gallen University, Switzerland, Alexander is also author of many books (including Integral Development, Transformation Management, Integral Economics and Integral Research-and-Innovation), as well as two poetry volumes and a novel.

He is also Co-Editor of the Transformation and Innovation Series and the Integral Green Society and Economy Series, both with Routledge. His literary publications have appeared in three languages: Firebird (a poetry compilation in English), La Rey Estrella or Star King (a mythical novel published in Portuguese in Brazil) and Niemandsland (German poetry volume).

A passionate believer in the catalytic role of art and culture to heal and renew society, Alexander also offers integral "transformances," interactive poetry performances and workshops to invite diverse participants to experience the integral and innovate the possible. In 2020, he received the Visionary Leadership award of the Visioneers Intl. Network in Canada. In 2022, he co-edited, together with Rama Mani, the publication Pioneering Pathways: From our Destructive Past to a Regenerative Future with 88 authors from 43 countries, as a pathbreaking publishing initiative to build Earth Citizenship.

In his early career, he was founder and CEO of First Asia Publishing in Singapore, prior to which he worked in international investment banking and management consulting across Europe. He has a Ph.D. from  St. Gallen University, with a thesis on The Development of Leadership Personality.
Routledge Transformation & Innovation Book Series:

Everyone has a start to follow. Everyone has a castle to find.