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My ancestors and I agreed upon my destiny long before my birth. I was to become a spiritual teacher. Fortunately, I grew up in the Soka Gakkai International, and listened to hip-hop music religiously. Both were international in scope and reached audiences through chanting Buddhist mantras and rapping street lyrics. I blended the two cultures and have become an urban healer. As a psychotherapist and singer, I provide talk therapy and creative arts to individual clients and at-risk youth.

My personal journey of hardship and homecoming has been the biggest teacher of all. Leaving the Soka Gakkai International and venturing into new religious hubs, sexual enclaves, and cultural communities, challenged me to my core. Today, the growth from my psychological and physical journey has enabled me to empathize with clients who are experiencing confusion, pain, and grief, while subtly guiding them toward joy, connection, and peace.

My future goals are twofold. Performing music internationally that opens the hearts of minds of people, to our shared humanity and connection to spirit. Also, to direct a network of global retreat centers that cultivate healing and inspiration for individuals and communities.


Being “reborn” is a spiritual concept. Our first birth comes through our mother. Our second birth is the conscious evolution of our unique destiny upon earth. The world is awaiting your arrival.