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Hugo Francone has been a businessman since he was 17 years old, but since 2010 he discovered his true calling: to serve conscious evolution while transforming himself.

He is the founder of NETSPIRIT, a global initiative born in Argentina for Oneness in Motion, based on the co-creation of attractors in order to reconcile Planetary Decision Makers (PDM) and Planetary Media Players (PMP) with Spirituality by drawing on the rational language of the sciences.

He organized the first SPIRITWEEK in Buenos Aires, with the presence of Ervin Laszlo and Gayatri Naraine in 2016.

The first version of an action transmedia PLAN was agreed and presented by the alliance of NETSPIRIT, the Club of Budapest and The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research in 2017, which facilitates the integration of global initiatives.

He organized the first SPIRITFORUM in Tulum, Mexico, attending 25 people from 7 countries during 5 days, in 2017.

He was named Peace Ambassador in 2015; President of Club of Budapest Argentina in 2016 and Member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle in 2018.

Born in Argentina, married since 2007, he was graduated from the Nacional Buenos Aires which is one of the most prestigious schools in the country. He also studied five years at the University of Medicine until he left his studies to start his business career.;

A "new" understanding of the world expressed by science in convergence with spiritual traditions is key to personal and collective transformation. It is a permanent path that brings us closer to freedom and happiness, transcending duality and affirming that we are both wave and ocean, at the same time.