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Jean-Louis Huard

Jean-Louis Huard is currently the producer, president and CEO of Human Vision Productions Inc. A true business entrepreneur, he spent most of his career as an international business consultant in Venezuela, where he represented companies from Canada, Belgium and Singapore. On a voluntary basis, he helped facilitate many large medical relief donations from Canada to the vulnerable people of Venezuela.

At 12 years of age, Jean-Louis became acutely aware of the horrific suffering and injustice endured by a large percentage of the population around the globe and decided he would, one day, do something about it. Following his life’s calling and mission, Jean-Louis and his team have co-created PeopleTogether, a soon-to-be-launched world-changing social network. Their mission is to connect, unite and empower people and organizations everywhere to co-create and implement sustainable solutions and meaningful change for the benefit of all.

For the last three decades, Jean-Louis has studied and followed a spiritual path of consciousness awakening. His travels around the planet have given him a unique worldview, and the opportunity to meet pivotal people in the world of transformation. Jean-Louis believes in the unitive, transformative and infinite power of Universal Love Consciousness.

Universal Love Consciousness is a purposeful and powerful driving force of good in the world with no limit as to what a united humanity can achieve. Together, using the power of love, Jean-Louis feels we can turn the wisdom within our hearts into a global force for the greater good.

Love is the medicine to heal the world.