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Service to the demystification of enlightenment into everyday life is the primary work of this lifetime. Collaborating, hearth-tending, teaching, and community building at this timeless and timely historical moment, as the perennial wisdom teaching simplifies, secularizes, democratizes, amplifies, and increasingly pervades all human endeavor ---- one moment, one person, one project, one field at a time, as an evolutionary imperative toward an awakened and inherently ethical planetary civilization.

I love networking, consulting, catalyzing, convening, and just showing up in the moment, with my dear husband, John Steiner, in the many worlds of environmental, social, political, and spiritual activism. We were founding and lead organizing members of Threshold Foundation, Integral Institute, Wisdom Beyond Borders, Evolutionary Voters, Creative Philanthropy Associates, the Steiner King Foundation. I happily engage with Social Venture Network, HUB Boulder, and numerous conscious evolution initiatives.  I have identities in organizational development and consulting, psychology, political science, teaching, business, art, impact investing and involvement in film for social change, parenting and family, and as a part time resident of Maui and the aloha spirit


As partners in love and work for thirty years, John and I have focused devotedly on studying, embodying and sharing with others the discoveries of couple’s awakening --- home-ground for global awakening. We sit in ongoing amazement and gratitude as to how training up in the nature of mind and reality can indestructibly harmonize relationship, beyond all conflict and suffering, beyond all selfishness and separation, to be a 24/7 happy, spontaneous, ever-increasing free flow of loving kindness, clarity, generosity, peace, and mutual inspiration, no matter what, pouring into creative action.

A favorite pastime and leadership training tool is the simple ongoing perennial wisdom practice:  resting as awareness, in brief moments of instinctive recognition, until it is continuously realized to be our original nature.

What joy, realizing the ever present great natural perfection of everything, just as it is! What pure relaxation, knowing ourselves to BE the unified field and power of natural intelligence itself ---- inseparably, spontaneously, acausally, timelessly, immutably, blissfully, infinitely expressing and collaborating in and as life --- as creative expressions, leaders and agents of compassionate wisdom, intrinsic ethics, and skillful means, in practical action for the benefit of all everywhere.