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Since living at the Findhorn Community in 1971, then co-founding the Lorian Association in 1974 along with David Spangler, Dorothy Maclean and others from Findhorn, Roger has been collaborating with visionary individuals and groups as a change facilitator. Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s he consulted to several spiritual communities and educational initiatives with a primary focus of bringing spiritual principles into everyday life, addressing interpersonal, organizational and financial issues.

In the late 1980 his skill as a communicator and mediator between diverse interests launched him into mainstream institutions, holding leadership positions in government, business and the non-profit sector often operating in difficult and challenging circumstances. As such, Roger has worked with the US Department of Energy on the nation’s nuclear cleanup program, organized international conferences on sustainable development in China and Ukraine, chaired a Washington State Governor’s Task Force on economic sustainable development, co-founded two technology companies and has led the efforts of several non-profit endeavors. In the 1982 he founded, along with his wife Katherine, a small educational non-profit dedicated to leading international, cross-cultural delegations to South Africa, China and the former Soviet Union.

Roger is a Trustee of the Findhorn Foundation and citizen of both the UK and the US. He lives with Katherine in Santa Barbara, CA where he recently built a multi-generational family compound. They have been traveling to the Isle of Iona in Scotland for over 47 years where they gain inspiration and often lead group retreats.

I am very interested in approaches that explore the subtler dimensions of life and how to creatively partner with the non-physical worlds to bring wholeness and hope to our world. Where can I serve next? What possibilities are yet to be realized?