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Jeff Carreira received an undergraduate degree in physics and spent five years working as a research engineer, before realizing that life’s deepest questions could not be answered through science alone. He decided to work in a more humanitarian field and received a master’s degree in education, where he spent seven years working as a special education teacher, and school administrator.

Carreira’s spiritual search came to an end in 1992 when he met spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen and embraced the perspective of Evolutionary Enlightenment. For over two decades he has been one of Cohen’s closest students and collaborators. A series of life- changing experiences have led Carreira to become a prominent member of the spiritual community that Cohen has inspired. He currently serves as the Director of Education programs for the educational nonprofit EnlightenNext. In that position he helps to guide the evolution of a global movement of awakened individuals. He spends his time creating and organizing spiritual and philosophical education programs worldwide, and he has trained over one hundred other individuals to teach worldwide

Carreira also co-leads The Evolutionary Collective with Patricia Albere. Their association has added yet another dimension to an already spiritually overflowing life. In their collaborative work Carreira and Albere are exploring the transformative possibilities of a higher order of human relatedness. Together they support the growth and development of an international community of people who are committed to living on their evolutionary edge. Carreira and Albere have quickly gained a global reputation as a potent teaching team, and their mutual passion for collective development is creating an ongoing opportunity for people to realize their highest potential in a truly co-emergent environment.

When we face mounting challenges and overwhelming crises, we are tempted to see philosophy as a luxury item that we can no longer afford. It’s not! In fact, in the face of overwhelming difficulties, philosophy, which is the pursuit of truth, becomes more important, not less.