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Carlen is the co-founder and Chief Architect of Serve Community, and an advisor to incubators and projects focused on aligning new technology with empowered communities. His passion comes from merging the worlds of community psychology, education, and human-computer interaction. His focus is on increasing civic engagement, creating spaces and opportunities for authentic connection, and facilitating the process of empowerment by structurally building these systems into day-to-day interactions.

As the co-founder of DiviniTree Yoga, and a psychology research associate with the University of California, Santa Cruz, Carlen spent the last decade exploring group dynamics, community building, and the process of empowerment. He has brought the cumulation of this knowledge to his most recent project Serve Community with a mission is to unite humanity in service.

As a side passion Carlen is an enthusiastic astrologer. Fascinated by the systems and structures of this universe, Carlen spent years to discover how the core pattern of the astrology system derives from nature. He is now designing empirical research methodologies to explore these relationships.

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