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John’s work focuses on philanthropy, networking, investing and sustainability education. Since the late 1960s he has been studying and exploring inner and outer dimensions of cultural evolution and the evolution of consciousness.

John lived in the Findhorn Foundation Community in Scotland from 1974-77 and has been closely associated with the community ever since. He continues to be involved in many aspects of community and ecovillage development and has a passionate interest in healthy soil and sustainable food systems.

John is also President of the Hygeia Foundation for Health Science and the Environment, which he founded in 1977. Hygeia is dedicated to holistic health and her mission is to foster respect for all life and awareness of the interconnectedness of all creation. The Foundation supports and sponsors a variety of projects and programs that are aligned with her mission, particularly those that promote the principles and practices of sustainable living.

He and his wife, Frances Edwards, currently represent the Findhorn Foundation at the UN Headquarters in New York City. John also represents Gaia Education. They work with NGO groups, UN Agencies and Member States to promote and educate about holistic approaches to some of the global challenges that the UN is addressing. John is a founding member and serves on the coordinating council of the Spiritual Caucus at the UN. 

John and Frances work as a team. They are committed to a healing path of conscious loving relationship.

Since the mid seventies John has been intimately involved with the organizational development of numerous groups, including the Threshold Foundation.

John also spent several years with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi studying and helping train teachers. He taught Transcendental Meditation and The Science of Creative Intelligence in the UK and the USA from 1971-1977.

John grew up in Connecticut, graduated from Boston University and has traveled extensively. He is based in New Canaan, CT, USA and Findhorn, Scotland.

Knowing that we are consciousness becoming conscious of itself changes everything…I see it as a wondrous dance of love and service, of merging and emerging.