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Trina Wyatt is one of the leading voices in the field of transformational media.

At age 13 Trina left the teachings of the Mormon Church and her devout family to begin pursuing her own spiritual path. For the next thirty years, she explored agnosticism, atheism, meditation, yoga, and Buddhism to develop her own personal spiritual practice, currently grounded in Kundalini yoga.

After receiving her undergraduate degree from UCLA and an MBA from NYU, Trina forged a successful business career in mainstream film and entertainment. Trina launched the Tribeca Film Festival with Robert De Niro and served as its Founding Director. Besides Tribeca Entertainment, she’s worked as a senior executive at Intrepid Pictures, Prana Studios, Withoutabox/IMDB and Film Independent, until moving to Boulder, Colorado in 2014 to accept a position at Gaia TV as Chief Content Officer. During her tenure there, she and her team set a new standard for the creation and distribution of conscious media.

In 2016, Trina’s love of inspirational stories, her passion for using business as a force for good and her commitment to personal growth, inspired her to create Conscious Good, a media streaming service and community platform for those committed to “being the change they wish to see in the world.” Shortly after its launch, Conscious Good established the Humanitarian Film Festival to support the UN’s World Humanitarian Day, and then established the highly acclaimed Mindscape Film Festival, celebrating stories of the Mind as integral to Body and Spirit.

Currently Trina and Conscious Good are partnering with a national yoga studio service company to create a monthly Conscious Cinema Series.

In addition to her active role as Founder/CEO of Conscious Good, Trina is producing a feature film with Black Label Media that sheds light on the challenges of mental illness facing our society today.

She has served on the Advisory Board of Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment (G.A.T.E.), and as a consultant for the Illuminate Film Festival.

Trina completed her yoga teacher training at Golden Bridge Los Angeles and currently lives in Ojai, California with her husband, Sasha, and children, Lola and Trust.

Conscious Media authentically explores the human condition with the intent of elevating that condition. But most importantly it helps us to connect with the divine within so we can connect with the divine in each other.