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Udoh Opiotennione
Musician, Educator, Father

Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, is where Udoh began his musical journey. Participating in various school bands throughout elementary and secondary schools, Udoh furthered honed his musical talents and training at the collegiate level by attending the University of Missouri, then later transferring to Howard University, and receiving his Bachelor's of Music Education / Saxophone performance degree.

Udoh was member of the legendary Howard University Jazz Ensemble, as well as several other performing groups while in Washington DC. After college Udoh lived and worked as a performing musician and educator in NYC, and Atlanta before returning to the DMV area in 2004. Recording, touring, and performing with various musician both local and international artist and settings. For the last 22 years he has been a full-time teacher / band director in the DCPS, DC charter and PGPCS schools districts. "The transfer and exchange of knowledge from teacher to student is like no other‚Äù. Being able to help someone discover this beautiful expression we call music is my life's work."

With over 35 years of performing and teaching experience, Udoh has a wealth of knowledge along with the love and desire to continue teaching and developing future skilled musicians. Udoh strictly follows a quote / philosophy for teaching that has held true during his many years of interacting with students: "They don't CARE how much you KNOW, until they KNOW how much you CARE."

After the sudden and tragic loss of his oldest child / daughter (Mecca) in 2018, Udoh has committed himself to find, build and develop healing spaces using music as a primary means. Udoh is the CEO and Founder of the Music Enrichment Center Cultural Association, Inc., a 501c(3) and the MusicEnrichmentCenter-MEC, LLC. Using both of these organizations to honor his beloved daughter by providing music instruction, production, and sound healing to youth and adults dealing with grief, depression, anxiety and loss. "By immersing myself in the sound healing process, I am able to share, as well as benefit from its tremendous effects."


Music is what our Thoughts, Feelings, and Dreams sound like. Express Yourself!