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by Ocean Robbins
Originally posted: 11/4/11 09:32 AM ET on the Huffington Post here. Our world is pretty messed up. With all the violence, pollution and crazy things people do, it would be easy to turn into a grouchy old man without being either elderly or male. There's certainly no shortage of justification for disappointment and cynicism. But consider this: Negative attitudes are bad for you. And gratitude, it turns out, makes you happier and healthier. If you...
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by Nina Meyerhof
It is time we consider that we, as EARTH’s occupants, must live in harmony and balance with equity for all. The movement of Occupy Wall Street, Arab Spring, and all the others uprisings are now the call for humanity to go beyond what systems exist and topple the old institutions and have them follow human’s needs. These needs once seen as an aspect of dominance now are a call to realign and circle the earth as one world family in service to all...
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by Deborah Moldow
September 21st is the UN International Day of Peace, first established by the General Assembly 30 years ago. What’s so important about a day? Well, this day has become a magnet for people all over the world who are helping to build a culture of peace in all its glorious diversity to highlight the one goal that has eluded humanity throughout its history but without which none of the others can be achieved: peace on Earth. Government leaders are...
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by Duane Elgin
I've just arrived at a spiritual retreat center overlooking the Pacific Coast. For the next three days, 60 Evolutionary Leaders are meeting to explore how we can work together to create a more promising future. Albert Einstein told us, "We cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them." We cannot solve the "we" problems facing humanity from a "me" consciousness. For this reason, the methods for shifting awareness...