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Lynne Twist invites you to a free 4/11/20. This week's focus is inspired by the holy events happening for… day 2 hours ago
In the midst of times of , it serves us to reflect on how might help to calm us, reduce f… day 23 hours ago
Lynne Twist shared this quote in last week's webinar. Join her this Saturday for her next webinar "Navigating These… days 1 hour ago
Now more than ever we need a community of practice in order to make bold changes. How we view the… days 23 hours ago
Starting this Sat, 4/4 & for at least the following two Saturdays, 4/11 & 4/18, Lynne, Sara & the Soul of Money Ins… week 20 hours ago
The "Navigating These Challenging Times" webinar recording with Lynne Twist & Sara Vetter is now available, alon… week 1 day ago
This is a small excerpt from the first "Navigating These Challenging Times" webinar, Lynne Twist reads a poem by Ha… week 6 days ago
As many of you know, the capacity of our last webinar was limited & many people were not able to join. We apologize… week 6 days ago
"Navigating These Challenging Times" is about expanding our view & learning new ways to see & hold… weeks 3 hours ago
As suggested on the webinar from Saturday, watch this video. "A letter from the virus. " (by Darinka Montico… weeks 1 day ago