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Good to see Conscious Leadership on the list! https://t.co/9r041ws07I9 hours 11 min ago
All class... https://t.co/Sl6atxvSQH12 hours 42 min ago
RT : What the Andromeda galaxy would look like from earth if it was a bit brighter. https://t.co/NkJmQrgrY513 hours 40 min ago
Too good https://t.co/XomqSwm1kr14 hours 35 min ago
RT : Join us in the Developmental Alliance Zoom group tomorrow night to hear Michael Zimmerman’s talk: "Can You Get to Y… https://t.co/MV02qHB9fO1 day 15 hours ago
We can do better! https://t.co/Pi6Xucrr661 day 17 hours ago
Phones are making people bad, distracted drivers. I see it every day. Self-driving can't get here soon enough! 2 days 7 hours ago
Always a great question...one of mine, psychedelics. https://t.co/pm10DTcx2f2 days 16 hours ago
Context is important, even for those who accurately point out that recent years have seen a cooling trend. https://t.co/QNVXEWox5A4 days 11 hours ago
🔥 https://t.co/xa5b27vvRb4 days 16 hours ago