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RT : While not technically alive, there's an evil genius to viruses that never ceases to amaze me. It's one reason I bec… https://t.co/qC4jtPynx67 hours 44 min ago
RT : THREAD: If we'd taken certain steps in winter - and recognized had characteristics we always feared in… https://t.co/HL35cuqrKL1 day 2 hours ago
Do we have any data or science about why this is hitting males harder than females? In Colorado death rate much hig… https://t.co/Eqy1FMcFEG2 days 10 hours ago
RT : Bill Gates will be remembered as the greatest philanthropist of all time, Microsoft will just be a footnote https://t.co/tmb93lsQJf2 days 11 hours ago
RT : 1/ Promise this is my last comment on this crazy global oil cut deal. My position: It’s a farce. Even worse, we a… https://t.co/Lk9BPrw4DV2 days 20 hours ago
RT : BREAKING: Trump has fired the intelligence community’s chief watchdog, Michael Atkinson, saying he no longer has co… https://t.co/h9grCmgone2 days 20 hours ago
RT : The Fed has replaced what used to be an institutional fear of inflation with an institutional fear of recessions. O… https://t.co/Bg4kauVqm72 days 21 hours ago
RT : When things are all messed up beyond recognition, that’s when the heroes step forward and create things, invent thi… https://t.co/7pLGIEbO6t2 days 22 hours ago
RT : Stubhub wants a bailout? Tell them we’ll give them 2 million but after fees it will only be $10. — 2 days 22 hours ago
RT : Sun Valley, in Idaho, closed its mountains on March 15th. But, even as the ski lifts stopped spinning, the confirme… https://t.co/pSlKRvj1cH3 days 6 hours ago