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It's not a matter of developing higher luminous consciousness. It's more a question of how to free yourself from va… day 19 hours ago
Mountain Arresting Progress The I Ching reading Mountain Arresting Progress is for this precise time in our collect… days 23 hours ago
If somebody steals your wallet in public and even takes a bow as he does so at least you know who the thief is. — 6 days 22 hours ago
Values are revealed and expressed in action When you really value something whether it is your family, friends, com… week 1 day ago
The unconditional love of the Mother does not mean she will not have some severe lessons in response to rampaging h… week 2 days ago
What do you get when you put con artists in power? You make a con of the moral dictates of conscience ; you put a w… week 5 days ago
wisdom teaching The energy of the one who has violated or wounded you lives in you as a living ghost until you have… weeks 1 day ago
Judgment Day The reality of the universe is organized around Truth and everything small and great is verified for i… weeks 3 days ago
Manifesters To those who preach and practice powers of manifesting material abundance could you please manifest fo… weeks 1 day ago
Eating the brown stuff. My puppy eats other dog shit when we are out on a walk and I say "Don't eat the shit." "Eat… weeks 1 day ago