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Today is the birthday of the great spiritual teacher Sri Aurobindo who mapped in great depth the spiritual emergenc… days 11 hours ago
Beware your heart's little shutdowns; they conceal the gravitational pull of old buried wounds. Keep an open heart. — 3 days 16 hours ago
The emerging human is not so much intellectual as sensorial .They can feel the the state of the planetary field and… days 4 hours ago
We have our own internal twitter feed run by a demented commander in chief which is ego mind. Fortunately only you… days 16 hours ago
Practice One: Ask for forgiveness as a representative of the human race--for all our harm to the Earth, its rapidly… week 1 day ago
We who profess nonjudgment must not fall into the trap of blaming "them" for the dangerous ignorance that leads to… week 2 days ago
It is being said that mass murder is a mental illness issue. And can we also say that racial supremacy is most defi… week 5 days ago
Sow hatred reap hatred. Silence is collusion. Incitement is criminal responsibility. May this weekend's horrific… week 6 days ago
Irish Teen Wins 2019 Google Science Fair For Removing Microplastics From Water weeks 1 day ago
Curses and Blessings: There is one kind of power which literally feeds off curses: it draws energy by finding peopl… weeks 3 days ago