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Letting go is a practice of making a conscious choice to let yourself forget. It releases you from repetitive remembering. — 2 days 1 hour ago
My heart constricts more around Mitch McConnell than it does around Donald Trump. At least Trump loves himself. McC… days 3 hours ago
Mind blowing e.g. a bar of dark chocolate every week is equivalent to driving a car 296 miles,heating a home for 18… week 2 days ago
The Universe uses both the charlatan and the the liar as well as the altruist and the saint to teach us how to evol… week 4 days ago
Intellect discerns. Heart embraces. Spirit elevates. Let each do its job. — 2 weeks 44 min ago
If is it is the time of the end and of great tribulation then it is certainly and above all the time of Great Joy.… weeks 6 days ago
With his country burning to the ground Australia's P.M. still swears the fires have nothing to do with Climate Chan… weeks 1 day ago
Without the magnetic pull of vision you will live in an illusion that your reactivity has moral weight. — 3 weeks 2 days ago
Instead of resolving what you are going To Do in 2020 summon up the moral power To Undo pervasive rancor, belligere… weeks 4 days ago
Instead of praying to God to liberate you focus on liberating God in you. — 4 weeks 1 day ago