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Glory be to dancing, dancing in the light. Glory be to dancing in the dark and holy night. — 3 years 9 months ago
The enablers of the dismemberment of democracy confuse nationalism and patriotism. They confuse domination behavior… years 9 months ago
Letting go is a practice of making a conscious choice to let yourself forget. It releases you from repetitive remembering. — 3 years 10 months ago
My heart constricts more around Mitch McConnell than it does around Donald Trump. At least Trump loves himself. McC… years 10 months ago
Mind blowing e.g. a bar of dark chocolate every week is equivalent to driving a car 296 miles,heating a home for 18… years 10 months ago
The Universe uses both the charlatan and the the liar as well as the altruist and the saint to teach us how to evol… years 10 months ago
Intellect discerns. Heart embraces. Spirit elevates. Let each do its job. — 3 years 10 months ago
If is it is the time of the end and of great tribulation then it is certainly and above all the time of Great Joy.… years 11 months ago
With his country burning to the ground Australia's P.M. still swears the fires have nothing to do with Climate Chan… years 11 months ago