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RT : Excited to have Paul Farmer of discuss his work and latest book with moderator Dr. Cynthia Li for… https://t.co/j7hSwsjMU41 month 1 day ago
https://t.co/RNNDLMQlgX1 month 2 days ago
RT : So grateful to be part of the ServiceSpace community...Sustainable Social Change and Philanthropy, https://t.co/GybuDYYIZa1 month 1 week ago
RT : Our second episode of The Heartful Conversations is available here: Apple Podcasts:… https://t.co/cYRT5OyipB1 month 1 week ago
Excited about 14 day "gong" starting today! A pod with close to 200 people from around the globe:… https://t.co/amiFAwIGv41 month 1 week ago
RT : The attention to detail has given to the bio is really admirable/inspirational. They truly got to kno… https://t.co/icMtgjbcEu1 month 2 weeks ago
RT : RIP Tony Hsieh. You proved that we don't have to choose between kindness and success, that delivering happiness can… https://t.co/4cSj5uxIdz1 month 2 weeks ago
RT : E Pluribus Unum, for us all. Please RT and add more stories like this one: Moment of Unity Between Trump and Bi… https://t.co/DPiuA4bTyF2 months 4 days ago
RT : What happens when you lead with relationships and not transactions? If you want productive teams make sure givers a… https://t.co/LwsApa8jWI2 months 6 days ago
RT : Oh, wow. Thank you so much, that's too kind x This is where I found a home… https://t.co/frgmmYhOcI3 months 5 days ago