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Great news! 💜✨ — 4 months 2 weeks ago
Appreciative Inquiry is our topic for the Nov Add Heart Call. Join us November 17th at 11:00 am PT. Get all the det… year 2 weeks ago
Have you ever seen a moonbow? How about a moonbow and northern lights together? This unique combination was capture… year 1 month ago
We're currently hiring for a few positions: Manger of Engineering, Director of Philanthropy and Full Stack Develope… year 3 months ago
Pedal your way through the Redwoods. Sounds great! year 3 months ago
Discover more about how we can affect our heart's rhythm and the signals it sends to the brain in the HeartMath Exp… year 3 months ago
Oprah's view on compassion and why it's the cure to most things. year 3 months ago
Listen to your inner knowing. year 3 months ago
Listening is an attitude of the heart... year 4 months ago
Mark Twain's quote reminds us to pause and consider things from the heart. "What gets us into trouble is not what… year 4 months ago