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RT : Tracey from Florida, AJ from Texas and Thomas from Washington were all featured in recent Facebook video ads for Pr… weeks 2 days ago
What will come as a surprise to the class is just how many people resonate with 's worldview… weeks 2 days ago
RT : Top searched candidates during the debate. More data: weeks 3 min ago
Until we believe something is possible, we can’t activate the will or the strategies to make it a reality. That’s w… month 4 weeks ago
We need a rebirth of the American character and a recommitment to our nation's highest ideals — which is why I full… months 2 weeks ago
RT : (MUELLER REPORT LIVE THREAD) This thread chronicles—in real time—the release of the Mueller Report, with news and a… months 1 day ago
Seth provides a much deeper understanding of today's news months 3 weeks ago
Worth reading to moderate expectations of Mueller's report and where we are in this dark saga months 4 weeks ago
I don’t know — 4 months 4 days ago
Having a field of major that is half women — especially in the debates, which do a lot to s… months 1 week ago