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Oliver is a new paradigm social architect, systems designer and active change agent who dedicates his life in service to the birthing of a new, healthy, and thriving society. Throughout his years of studying psychology, socio-economic behaviour, and consciousness, he has developed an in-depth understanding of pragmatic ways to achieve effective and lasting change in the way society organises itself.

Today, his work with Helix is pioneering an evolutionary new form of organisation called the AZPO: Autonomous Zero-Point Organisation. Many have recognised this as the next step for effective teams to solve key challenges and take up roles in emergent new paradigm ecosystems of co-creative organisations.

Fundamentally, Oliver lives by and works to spread values such as Stewardship, Abundance, Integrity, Coherence and Balance. He is a true Renaissance man, multi-talented and pioneering, regularly surprising people with some of his hidden talents, achievements, in-depth wisdom, and humor. Oliver is on the rise as one of the thought leaders and catalysts in the accelerating planetary awakening.