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Louka Parry is a learning strategist, education futurist and social entrepreneur working at the global forefront with schools, systems and organisations to help them adapt for the future. As a school teacher, he was promoted to Principal at 27 years old and was named Inspirational Public Secondary Teacher of the Year for South Australia. Now as Founder and CEO of The Learning Future, he works internationally (in English and Spanish) to support positive change with a focus on innovation, future skills, leadership, wellbeing, technology and organisational culture.

Louka also serves as a Founding Executive of Karanga: The Global Alliance for Social Emotional Learning and Life Skills that seeks to inspire and equip practitioners, policy makers and researchers from across the world to promote quality and equitable Social Emotional Learning and Life Skills through initiatives that connect, coordinate, and drive action. A rapid learner, he holds two Masters degrees, speaks five languages, has visited over 80 countries and recently completed a fellowship at Stanford’s d.school.

You’ll normally find him nerding out on ideas, running trails, playing music and generally exploring with a rather insatiable and problematic curiosity but nonetheless one that is firmly focused on transforming the world by transforming ourselves. 

loukaparry.com, thelearningfuture.com, karanga.org, learningcreates.org.au