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Ersin Pamuksüzer, is the Chairman and The Head of the Basaksehir Living-Lab Project and founder of Startershub. He is also the Founder of the well-Being companies “The LifeCo” and “SAF” brands. The LifeCo company was formed in 2005 and is providing services in Well-Being therapies and natural healing, while SAF was formed in 2006 as a vegan restaurant and is providing healthy and nutritional food through its restaurants in Istanbul and London as well as retail products and take-away food channels. Both companies have an international reputation with more than 60% of its guests from various parts of the world with a majority from Europe.

Ersin Pamuksüzer started his career in Ericsson Telecommunications company in Sweden in 1981 and was the general Manager of Ericsson Turkey for long years. He stopped his Ericsson career in 2002 and moved into the well-Being sector. During the Ericsson Turkey period he initiated the formation of Turkey’s first GSM Operators and a number of other ICT companies in the region, Turkcell in 1993 and has been a Board Member of Turkcell and Turkcell’s International operations until 2006. Turkcell is the leading operator in Turkey and the region and also one of the worlds largest and innovative operators. With a deep business mind and long years of experience, Ersin has also been initiator, driver or board member of other start-up companies. He also recently opened a cancer treatment center in Phuket.

Ersin Pamuksüzer has a M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from Linkoping University, Sweden and MBA degree from Upsalla University, Sweden.