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For over 45 years, Debra Giusti has been on the leading edge of the ever-emerging progressive culture, both locally and internationally, supporting and creating ‘New Paradigm’ evolution. She has been an entrepreneur since she was 21 years old, growing a series of businesses that support personal growth and transformation, healthy and sustainable lifestyles, new spirituality, and community connection.

Beginning in 1978, Debra founded the Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa, California, a nationally recognized three-day outdoor festival of music, art, ecology, health, and spirituality, attended annually by more than 30,000 people that happened for 33 years, until 2011. Debra also founded and created Wishing Well Distributing Co. (a national wholesale company were natural products), Well Being Community Center & Newspaper (a Community Events Center in Sonoma County California ), Spirit of Christmas Crafts Faire (Faire with crafts, entertainment, and community connection, attended by 25,000 people, that lasted for 30 years), and Transforming into 2012 Multimedia Book (one of the first online books featuring video and audio).

In 2020, she co- founded and still co-produces “Saturday Night Alive for the Global Peace Tribe” in inspirational virtual variety show featuring well-known transformational speakers, spiritual leaders, musicians, and entertainers, that gets approximately 50,000 views internationally per show. The Global Peace Tribe organization also produces additional transformational online events, workshops & gatherings.

Debra also has an international marketing business, Wishing Well Promotions with over 250,000 + subscribers that follow her websites and eNewsletters: Harmony Connects & Debra Recommends (sharing transformative online events & resources, and live festivals/conferences/events) and Transformation into the New Paradigm (sharing leading-edge wisdom and resources for the emerging New Paradigm).

Debra is also the author of the online and hardcopy book Activate Your Soul Tribe. The book is available for free online or through Amazon. She also produces workshops, panels & educational materials on the topic of Ascension.  
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