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Before starting my leadership consulting company, StarlingBrook Leadership Consulting,  I worked in the field of mental health for more than 25 years. In that time, I learned that leaders not only create the environment for their employees to flourish but also, often inadvertently, to struggle. When leaders bring out the best in others, people thrive.  That‚Äôs why I am so passionate about the psychology of leadership and so interested in seeing leaders evolve- including myself!

To truly see transformation in the way people lead has a multiplying affect on the environment all around. This insight about leadership came to me from a client I worked with who lived with schizophrenia. One day she took me aside and said, "Christine, an organization is like a fish. It rots from the head on down."  When she said this, her words shook me to the core. Most of the time I had worked with her, she had very few lucid periods. Her message  gave me a flash of insight that ultimately started me on my path as a leadership development consultant . 

In my role as an organizational development consultant and executive coach, I have helped more than 10,000 senior leaders in 50 big name companies get past their blind spots, improve mental resilience and grow their conscious leadership presence. Some of my clients include General Electric, PepsiCo, Bell Canada, Staples, Johnson & Johnson, Cochlear, Richardson, Wealthsimple, Ingram Micro and Toyota to name a few. My work with leaders is centered around developing the qualities of a conscious leader- responsibility, integrity, communication, collaboration and emotional mastery.

You will find me to be someone who is able to transform concepts and ideas by implementing them into action. I believe I can bring my practical, action-oriented style to be in service to the Evolutionary Leaders.