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Anoop Kumar, MD, MMgt enjoys exploring and communicating about the intersection of consciousness and everything else. He is an emergency physician, public speaker, author of Michelangelo's Medicine and Is This a Dream?, and a columnist for Emergency Medicine News.

Anoop spent time in India and the United States as a child, and grew to appreciate the differences between these cultures. He inadvertently began developing a framework for these differences when his parents exposed him to the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta, which became his playground as he explored consciousness and its relationship with identity and the world. Against this backdrop, school seemed to be lacking something critical–in depth knowledge of the nature of being human. This was the seed of Anoop's desire to communicate publicly.

To communicate insights into the nature of consciousness as comprehensively as possible, Anoop developed the Three Minds framework–a trans-disciplinary approach that integrates consciousness, identity, and the subjective and objective worlds. He applies the Three Minds framework to identify the specific changes needed in fields including healthcare, education, and spirituality to further advance our society.

By training, Anoop is board-certified in emergency medicine and holds a master's degree in management with a focus in health leadership. Visit him at and on social media @dranoopkumar.,