The Law of Attraction: Does It Grant Us an Evolutionary Edge?

Why is it that just by walking into a room some people light up the atmosphere with their presence? Why, when certain individuals speak, do their listeners become spellbound, while someone talking about the same subject is met with yawns? What I'm describing are those individuals whose magnetism is so potent they effortlessly make a dynamic impact. No form of social networking, marketing, or résumé reveals more about us than the vibratory frequency that radiates from our being.

Did you know that you have a magnetic field that draws to you the people, experiences and things that mirror the vibratory equivalent of your thoughts, perceptions, opinions, beliefs, insights -- in short, your overall state of consciousness? Consciousness determines most of what unfolds in our life. How we interpret, integrate and respond to that evolutionary process determines the rest. We are all -- consciously or unconsciously -- evolutionists, constantly co-creating, regenerating, transforming and emerging through application of the laws governing the universe.

Before I describe the evolutionary progression of the law of attraction, let's pause to consider vibration itself. Vibration is the motion, the movement of energy. Modern science reveals that our universe is made up of electronic vibrations, cosmic currents of invisible, intelligent energy. To understand this at the kitchen sink level of every day life, in the 60s it became commonplace to describe how we did or didn't vibe with another person. How is such a determination made? When we meet someone there is an energetic exchange that occurs: we receive an energetic current from them, and we send one out to them. How the vibrational blend of our individual energies is interpreted determines the chemistry we sense we do or don't share with another person (or a group of people). Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are constantly radiating energy into the atmosphere we inhabit.

"Spiritual magnetism," says Paramahansa Yogananda, "... is the power of the soul to attract or create whatever it needs for all-round happiness and well-being." He is describing our inherent soul-capacity to consciously operate the law of attraction and draw into our magnetic field whatever is required to support our fundamental life structures as we grow, develop, and expand in consciousness with an "all needs met" awareness and gratitude.

To accelerate your magnetic frequency and manifest your vision for your life, you must enter the laboratory of your own mind and soul and evolve through three domains:
attunes you to the law of divine right action; practice of working with the laws governing the universe through affirmative prayer, Life Visioning, and visualization, which
attune you to the law of attraction; anything because you live in alignment with the law of radiance which automatically provides all that is required to sustain you and cause you to flourish.

Living in the first domain provides an entry into the understanding that you have come on the planet with a purpose, that you are an "on purpose" being endowed with tremendous capacities, powers, and qualities. Living in the second domain provides factual evidence that you can indeed consciously participate in the co-creation of your life in attunement with the law of attraction. The third domain, living in attunement with the law of radiance, causes the emergence of your essential self, which is to say that you live from the inside out.

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake said that a thought held in mind manifests when conditions are right. Now he's not suggesting that we passively wait for the right conditions to finally, magically show up. It is up to us to actively participate, to consciously contribute to the process of co-creating the right conditions for our inner vision to outwardly manifest. We do this by first cultivating an intention to educate ourselves on the universal laws governing the planet, how they function and how we may consciously apply them to the various aspects of our life.

Next, we begin to experiment with these laws in the laboratory of our consciousness, not in a big serious way, but in a playful, trusting mindset of wonder and appreciation. We then discover that we live in a realm of infinite possibilities, that we have been fully equipped to live our highest potential. We radiate compassion, unconditional love, peace, joy. We begin to consciously realize our oneness with source, our interconnectedness to all life. We no longer consider our life as a problem to be solved but rather as a mystery to be lived and celebrated. We realize that we are spiritual beings having a human incarnation in which we are the writer, actor, producer, and director of the part we play on the stage of life.

Living in harmony with the laws governing the universe fulfills the mandate of your soul-call, not by words, but by proof.