FOUR YEARS. GO. - A Campaign To Change The Course of History

FOUR YEARS. GO. is a campaign to shift humanity’s course toward a just, fulfilling and sustainable future by the end of 2014. People around the world will be invited to stand together and take courageous actions to bring about a future worth having.

This is not a new organization; this is a goal for every organization, every man, woman, child, worker, student, profession, generation – everyone.

What’s at stake

Our world is on an unsustainable path. Scientists warn that we are rapidly approaching dangerous tipping points after which life as we have known it will be irreversibly changed.
At the same time, we are poised on the verge of a possibility so magnificent that we can barely imagine it. Using technical and social solutions already available, we can safeguard our planet’s capacity to sustain life – now and for future generations.

What’s missing

We already possess technologies and practical solutions to deal with the crises that confront us. What’s missing is a sense of possibility, urgency, and, most important, the collective will to move in a different direction.

What’s missing is getting started, getting going, not waiting for anything. That’s what the FOUR YEARS. GO. campaign is all about.

Why a 4-year time frame

In the next four years, we can focus on this work of shifting humanity’s future, and stop waiting for someone else to fix it. We can start taking responsibility. We can apply the solutions we already know.

Four years is a unit of time when we know something big can happen, yet it’s not so long that we don’t get started.
We can change ourselves as we change the world – and we can have fun and find meaning while doing it.

A unique moment in history

Will scientific institutions and scenario specialists at the end of 2014 be able to report that trends have shifted and we are headed towards a thriving, just, sustainable future?
Throughout the course of history, people have shown amazing ability to respond to the call of their generation – to rise to the occasion in ways unforeseen by their predecessors.

We are alive at a unique moment in time, with a limited window of opportunity to bring about the great shift that is required. Each of us has a role to play in ensuring we pass on a livable future to those who will follow us.