In Loving Memory of Emily Squires


We, the board of directors of the Source of Synergy Foundation and the members of the Evolutionary Leaders circle, are deeply saddened by the sudden loss of our beloved board member Emily Squires. Emily passed away on November 21st. Our memories of Emily will live on in our collective heart and through all that she contributed in her remarkable lifetime.

Emily Directing Sesame StreetPhoto: Richard Termine/Sesame Street

Emily Squires was a true Evolutionary Leader. She was born on Aug. 23,1941 in Alexandria, Va. She graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in English in 1962, and moved to New York where she found work as a secretary at CBS. She joined "Sesame Street" as a production assistant in 1969, its first year on the air and became the first woman to be a director on "Sesame Street" in 1982. She helped break other barriers. "She wanted to work on the show because it was making changes in racial stereotypes in America, in addition to gender stereotypes," said Sonia Manzano, who played Maria, the co-owner of the "Sesame Street" fix-it shop, for nearly 40 years.

Emily received 18 Emmy nominations and was the recipient of six Daytime Emmy Awards for her work directing and producing transformational programming for young children (1995-2007). Emily also produced a documentary on artist/philosopher Frederick Franck called The Art of Being Human (Cine Golden Eagle PBS), and Five Masters of Meditation (Hartley Films) and directed Visions of Perfect Worlds: A Conversation with the Dalai Lama, and others. She and husband Len Belzer co-authored a book entitled Spiritual Places In and Around New York City (2008).

SOSF BoardPhoto: Source of Synergy Board

In Emily's words... "I have always been concerned about where we're headed as a species. At this critical juncture in our evolution, we can either work to raise human consciousness to a new level of understanding and caring for one another and the world around us, or we can sit by and let climate change and political, economic and social lethargy drag us down so far that we will die out, as would any other failed species."

Because of these concerns and her wish to make a difference, Emily chose to be on the Board of Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and was a founding member of the Coalition for One Voice, working to raise the level of public discourse in New York City by directing such successful programs a Passion to Connect in October 2006, which was a catalyst that led to the birth of the Evolutionary Leaders project. As the Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Source of Synergy Foundation, Emily annually served on the planning team for SOSF annual retreats of evolutionary leaders. She was a cherished member of these teams because she gave her all in making each year’s retreat meaningful.

Evolutionary Leaders Enjoying Siedah Photo: Vivian Killilea

Emily always generously gave her time and talents to the collective in such thoughtful and concrete ways. She was a dearly loved member of the Evolutionary Leaders circle  in support of Conscious Evolution that brings together Internationally renowned teachers, authors, scientists, visionaries and humanitarians who meet to inspire and support evolutionary leadership and visionary action throughout the world, by giving voice to conscious, transformational and evolutionary ideas that meet the challenges of our time. Among her many contributions to the Evolutionary Leaders project, Emily directed an outstanding live event called A Call to Conscious Evolution at UCLA. (2010) and the 11-1-11 Guided Meditation She also produced the introductory Evolutionary Leaders video on the site’s homepage.

Evolutionary Leaders Group Photo
Evolutionary Leaders at A Call to Conscious Evolution, Our Moment of Choice, UCLA, 2010. Photo: Vivian Killilea.

Fracking JourneyPhoto from Dimock, Pennsylvania

Ever vigilant, Emily's most recent active effort was campaigning to eliminate hydraulic fracturing “fracking,” which she felt greatly threatened the ecological balance in the New York and Pennsylvania area. Emily’s concern and passion around eliminating fracking helped to launch the Source of Synergy Foundation’s first journey to bear witness to a global challenge. Emily, fellow SOSF board members and a number of journalists and concerned citizens visited Dimock, Pennsylvania to see and understand first-hand the effects of hydraulic fracturing on the lives of citizens of Dimock. Emily created a documentary while on an investigative mission to Dimock, PA where land and lives have been destroyed.
She created events and spoke out calling for an end to this dangerous practice.

Those of us who have had the privilege to call her friend and colleague will miss her gentle strength, her evolutionary spirit, infectious giggles and ceaseless dedication to improving the quality of life for others. Exemplified by her life's work and the projects, organizations and foundations she supported, Emily will be remembered as a woman of great heart, filled with exceptional integrity, humility, kindness and pure goodness. We will miss her beyond measure.

The following was written by peace advocate and Evolutionary Leader James O'Dea, It was sent to Emily on behalf of the Evolutionary Leaders on November 8th, eleven days before she passed:

"Emily though scattered in geography we are present in communion with your oh so bright essence. You serve us in so many ways and ever serve the great endeavor to birth a more loving and conscious humanity. Though you give an ocean of service you seek not a drop of credit. We love you Emily. Always"...

Emily Squires
1941 - 2012