Evolutionary Responses to Post-Election America

James O'DeaNo to fear. Yes to vigilance. Nine things you can do.

By James O’Dea

This is not a time to fall into fear or project calamitous consequences for America but it is a time to be very, very vigilant. Vigilance is a state of conscious alertness and full-bore engagement:

Hold a vivid and dynamic vision of collective well-being and a truly positive future.

Act from a place of radical inclusion.

Listen with full-bodied attention to unspoken wounds and to the whispers of indefatigable hope.

Activate the fullest expression of your own morally inspired conscience.

Incarnate and manifest your values down to the finest detail.

Attune to Mother Nature’s gathering voice and speak her language with eloquent clarity

Attest to the power of love and warm its fires by building beloved community.

Put a light in your window to welcome kindred spirits, those afraid of persecution and as a sign that you are always, always open to healing dialogue.

Jack CanfieldNow What? Some Thoughts After the Presidential Election

By Jack Canfield

The people have voted, and we now have a new president-elect in the United States. Half the country is elated and the other half is shocked, dismayed and disillusioned. Whichever side you were on in this presidential election, let me suggest a few things to consider on how we move forward.

1. You Still Determine the Quality of Your Life

Being 72 years old and having lived through 13 elections since I was old enough to vote, I have continually seen people believe that whoever they elected as president would dramatically change the quality of their life. But it hardly ever happens. The truth is that whoever is in the White House rarely significantly changes the quality of your life. Certainly, they can affect some of the conditions within which you operate, but they do not ultimately determine the quality of your life. You are responsible for that.

Sure there have been incremental changes over time in terms of civil rights, social security, and medical care, but generally, the things that really matter about the quality of your life lie outside the influence of the government.


Christian SorensenPost-Election Reflection

By Christian Sorensen 

During this election, I witnessed more people praying and meditating for the highest good of our country than any other time I can recollect. Monday night, more than a hundred women came together in the gardens of Seaside. They arrived with drums in hand ready to pray, meditate and create a soul-filled connection with mother earth for the highest and best for our country. As Seaside was both an official polling location AND a location for the flash mob meditation event with Elevate the Vote, I was surrounded by people praying for the greatest outcome for our world.  The answer to those prayers may have been or not been what everyone pictured or expected with deep hopefulness, but what I know for sure, what unfolds is the answer to prayer and will elevate our nation to the highest good.


Deepak Chopra



Deepak Chopra Video


We have to feel the reality of a divided, conflicted, hurt, angry, hostile, resentful collective consciousness. That’s what we see, not only in the U.S., but actually in the world. We have to accept that. Secondly, we have to also realize that whatever we do right now, it is  not going to be possible to change things unless we go beyond – internally, in our own being – we go beyond the conflicted mind which is creating a situation of “us” versus “them.”


Derek RydallDerek Rydall

... I also think we have to be careful to not do a spiritual bypass, thinking that 'coming from the light' means being sweet and nice and peaceful. 

Even Jesus stormed the temple, cracking a whip and turning over the money changers tables. Then he cursed a fig tree for not producing fruit. And later he said 'do not think I have come to bring peace. I have come with a sword.' 

In other words, sometimes we (as spirit) are called to comfort the afflicted and other times we are called to afflict the comfortable! 

As long as our intention is to realize and manifest the highest expression of love, truth, and oneness, and we are more interested in standing for truth than we are in looking good or being liked, I believe it will unfold as it should. 

I think it's also important to remember that, because there is really only oneness, only one life emerging, everything is always working together for our highest good -- and this experience is happening to activate another level of truth and power and individual engagement in the process. 

That's what these protests are beginning to reveal -- a movement in consciousness. [...] But it will require us to dig deeper, pray without ceasing, and become more involved -- as Michael Beckwith would say, 'we have to get down like James Brown!' 

Stay inspired! 

John Perkins


JFK’s Advice for this Hour of Change and Challenge

By John Perkins

As I travel around the world speaking at venues that range from corporate summits to rock festivals and from consumer groups to universities, I hear deep dissatisfaction with the current global political/economic system. This is reflected in Brexit, and in movements sweeping Iceland, Italy, Greece, and so many other countries. And it was reflected, perhaps most strongly, in the US elections.

People everywhere understand that although the system that's been in place for roughly a century has created amazing science, technology, medicine, and arts, it has run its course. It is not serving We the People. Not on any continent. It is broken. And it can't be fixed with old tools. 

Perhaps more than any other message to take away from the 2016 US presidential election – as well as movements around the globe – is that people are discouraged and are demanding something different. Those on the right look for a conservative, authoritarian government while those on the left favor a progressive, socialistic one. Bernie's popularity and Trump’s victory symbolize these two opposite ends of the spectrum. Hillary stood in the middle and symbolized the status quo.


Llyn Cedar RobertsLlyn Cedar Roberts


Master your internal experience to ride the intelligent wave rolling through.

The mirror of our collective consciousness is clearer - let’s be grateful for that. As difficult as it may feel, it’s important now more than ever to really see what we are working with, to invite swifter and lasting change. If we believe an intelligence runs through these prophesied times, and that the very foundations of our reality need to come into question, see that we are on the right track.

No matter what we feel, or what position or side we stand with, ultimately it's not about our opinion, but how we internally position in response to 'what is', what unfolds - and how that supports (or not) how we conduct our lives and how we support others.

It is often the case that we have to be pushed for healing and real change to occur. So it is with the collective. Look at your life. What pushed the most profound changes? Human beings tend to need to hit the wall before embracing better patterns. So it is for the collective.

Reflect on the nature of 'healing crisis' in healing work. Our culture, and our human species are in a healing crisis. In a healing crisis, things become much worse before they are better. That is a good sign, as toxins are flushing to the surface.


Gary ZukavAfter the Election - The Next Step

By Gary Zukav

The great American president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, said at the beginning of World War II, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." That was a brave statement made from a five-sensory perspective to a five-sensory country in a five-sensory world. Human perception was limited to what we could see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. Now our perception is expanding beyond these limitations. We sense ourselves as souls as well as than minds and bodies, the world as meaningful rather than random, and the Universe as wise and compassionate. This expanded perception, multisensory perception, is emerging in each of us, and as it does it is revealing new things about fear that are very relevant and helpful. Here is one of them: "When fear ceases to scare you, it cannot stay." 

Fear will continue to scare you until you have the courage to turn inward and face it - the painful physical sensations of it, the judgmental, destructive, and violent thoughts of it - and challenge them by acting with an intention of harmonycooperation, sharing, or reverence for Life while you are experiencing fear. This creates a new type of power in you - authentic power, the alignment of your personality with your soul. Authentic power is now necessary for your evolution and the evolution of our species 

Can you do this? Yes, you can. And we can support one another. This is what we were born to do. 


Panos Anastasakis

Panos Anastasakis

This is a great opportunity for humanity to become aware of its shadow, accept its existence and - by doing the inner work - dissolve it into the light.

We live in a world which offers a wide range of experiential options for personal evolution and it’s up to us to decide to ascend or descend the spiritual ladder. I sense that the karmic propensities are ideal for collective transformation as each of us consciously choose love and compassion over fear and conflict.

∞ Gloria in excelsis Deo ∞     

Olivia HansenOlivia Hansen

Half of our Country voted for someone else, and Our Country is Very Divided. One person won the Electoral vote, and one person won the Popular Vote. One person won the Presidency and we must accept it. ~ We are all Americans and we want what is Best for our Country. Let Us All Pray for Our Country ….to Bring in the Good, the True and the Beautiful for the Highest Good of *ALL*. Let us Bring in the LIGHT. “Never Stop Believing that Fighting for What is Right is Worth It.” Never Lose Hope or Faith. Scripture says, “We Shall Reap if We Do Not Lose Heart.” ~ Let us Pray for America, its Leadership and its Well-being, and for the Well-being of the World. LOVE and WISDOM will Triumph in the End. ~ Let Us All Work Together with Everyone in America, so that Love and Wisdom Can Triumph. <3 We are STRONGER TOGETHER.

Darius M. Barazandeh


Darius M. Barazandeh Video

Here is my own 'higher evolutionary perspective' on the Presidential election:


Spirit is in everything and all sides.  

No matter the election result, world events or Earth changes - Spirit is in all things.

Some people may be in fear regarding the election.  Others may be in euphoria.

However, both are distortions based on our own internal shadows and subconscious beliefs.  

Where is reality you may ask?  

Go into your heart.  You'll find that truth is always right in the middle. Balance is where our truest connection to the Divine is.

So no matter your preference ask:  "Where is the blessing that I may not be seeing?" Then ask, "What is the drawback that I may be missing?"

As you plug into the balance of your 'awakened heart' you'll see the divine power and gift in all things.  

You 'll realize your connection to source does not come from who is President.  It comes 'through' you from Source. 

Then you'll master your reality.

You'll know that no matter who wins or loses the Divine is blessing you in all things large and small.


Joan Borysenko





Born for These Times

By Joan Borysenko 
In the wake of the presidential election, we are collectively poised to make a global shift to a higher level of function. I believe that we were indeed born for these times. Calling forth a new world that works for us all is the noble possibility we have been presented with. But as Bruce Springsteen sings: It's a Long Walk Home. This sacred journey requires balancing heart and mind. Evolutionary biology tells us that systems evolve when cooperation replaces aggression. That's true of all living systems. So it's up to us to bring cooperative, compassionate energy into all our interactions. It's also important to maintain good boundaries, speak our truth, and act mindfully and courageously.  
How to do that? There is a skill set that resilient people draw upon in liminal times. I wrote about that in one of my books,  It's Not the End of the World: Developing Resilience in Times of Change. I wrote this book after the economic meltdown in 2008, fully realizing that we were in a spiral of rapid change and that anything might happen. It's a short book- easy to read and practical.

Pedram Shojai

Healing the Political Divide

Pedram Shojai Video

It's the mark of this polarized world that we live in. This election had to happen, in some ways, to bring up how ridiculously divided we are, and how those divides are official. In Taoism, duality creates all the suffering. And so for us to rise above duality gives us an opportunity to have unity; it gives us unifying breath, it gives us unifying principles and concepts, and ways for us to bridge those gaps and those divides and communicate with our brothers and sisters."


Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton 


As I have written about many times before, evolution is not a passive process. Sitting in your easy chair and waiting for a new dawn will not save our world. We are being called to roll-up our sleeves and take action. We must become participants. Hopefully, the consequences of this election will kick the Millennial Generation out of its malaise and shine a light on the false and disempowering belief that voting doesn’t matter. Remember though, you are always voting whether it’s with your food and purchase choices, media selections, and what you do with your time.


Lynne McTaggart

After the Election: What to Do Next

By Lynne McTaggart


This blog is meant to be a reassurance to both sides, as well as a practical list of what to do next.

Realize that this bigger than you are – beyond one single election. This is a worldwide primal scream against a corrupt Western system that has benefited only a tiny proportion of the population. It is happening all over Europe now.

Fasten your seat belts – it’s going to be a bumpy ride. But it’s a ride we all have to take right now.

Find common ground. 


Oscar Miro-Quesada


Oscar Miro-Quesada Video

My take for what it’s worth...a humble offering of shamanic perspective for peacefully navigating current ‘reality.’


When the power of love replaces the need for power in the world by humans - which we are on the verge of experiencing within the next four years of this good Earth journey we have in America – then the truth Phoenix shall arise from the ashes. We were destined to face this polarization. It is part of the alchemical transmutation necessary on a species level.



Gino Pastori-NgGino Pastori-Ng

May we find the courage to LOVE one another more openly and fearlessly than ever before.

May we have the persistence to do the difficult work of dismantling the paradigm of "us" versus "them" and recognize the absolute interdependence of every living being.

May our faith in one another and wise actions overcome fear and despair.

“Only to the extent that we expose ourselves over and over to annihilation can that which is indestructible in us be found.”

-- Pema Chödrön