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Together, we can accelerate the evolution of human consciousness and co-create the future.
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2016 Evolutionary Leaders 
Co-Evolutionary Vision Quest 
Held at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico
The 2016 Evolutionary Leaders retreat was a Co-Evolutionary Vision Quest held in June at the legendary Ghost Ranch amidst the ancient red rocks of northern New Mexico. This pristine wilderness is a place of great power and beauty. Centering ourselves between Earth and Sky in the unified field that embraces us all, our intention was to support the evolution of consciousness by listening deeply, attuning within and together to the wise counsel present in the universe, in nature, and in the creative impulse eternally flowing from the sacred source of life itself. We dedicated this time in loving service to all our relations.

Something magical took place in the sacred valley of the high desert, among the rocks, the skies, the stars, and the land at Ghost Ranch. Perhaps it began as we prepared for the journey or the moment we entered the majesty of the red rocks north of Abiquiu. Or perhaps it was the moment when Gregg Braden was explaining about the resonance of the heart - and a hummingbird flew through the Long House!
Whenever it began, it touched us all. Our Co-Evolutionary Vision Quest was a time of, in the words of Kristin Hoffmann, "a surrendering to a deep communion together through the ritual preparations, the solo questing on the land, the authentic sharing of our experiences, and the emergence of a more coherent sense of community."
Organizers Diane Williams and Deborah Moldow, co-directors of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, want to acknowledge the generosity and commitment of our amazing retreat team, each of whom contributed so much to the container of wisdom and caring that held us all: Gregg Braden, Joan Borysenko, Connie Buffalo, Jude Currivan, Gordon Dveirin, Lynnaea Lumbard, Oscar Miro-Quesada, John Perkins, Llyn Roberts and Daniel Stone.
Medicine Wheel with Connie Buffalo
Oscar Miro-Quesada
Mesa with Rainbow
Activities of Members of the Source of Synergy Foundation
Eve Konstantine, Diane Williams, Denise Scotto, 
Ann Hughes, Dale Colton - and Lady Liberty
Board Members of SOSF continued their Non-Local Research into the founding principles of the United States by visiting Lower Manhattan in June. They are exploring the seeds that were planted by the Founders of the United States to elevate consciousness in the new nation. They visited the Statue of Liberty and Fraunces Tavern, New York City's oldest tavern (open since 1762 and frequented by George Washington), to focus on the principles of Freedom, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness and Joy.
* * *
Patricia Albere Interviews Lynne Twist on Taking a Stand
Listen to this extraordinary interview between two Evolutionary Leaders: the founder of the Evolutionary Collective, Patricia Albere, and her guest, author of The Soul of Money and co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance, Lynne Twist
They discuss the transformative power of 
taking a stand - but please listen to the end if you want to know about the astonishing prophesies about the Pachakuti Era that foretold our present time of chaos and its hopeful resolution!
Evolutionary Leaders Respond to Orlando Shootings
Rev. Dr. Michael B. Beckwith calls us to self-examination and action. "Let's become spiritually mature and make a difference," he urges us in this brief video message.
Author Gary Zukav also asks us to look inside ourselves in his essay,Orlando, Love, and Labels. Gary writes, "Everyone who is grief-stricken and saddened by the violence in Orlando, in Paris, in the Middle East, by the violence of poverty that is everywhere and always, now has an opportunity to feel the pain of powerlessness inside and still choose to respond with compassion.  This requires courage." [Read full text here]
Club of Budapest Event Features Evolutionary Leaders
Ervin Laszlo Joined by Don Beck, Jude Currivan and Barbara Marx Hubbard
The Club of Budapest and its President, Dr. Ervin Laszlo, hosted a Midsummer Symposium on Consciousness in Buckinghamshire, England on June 21, 2016. Among the distinguished guests, were Dr. Don Beck, co-author of Spiral Dynamics and founder of the Center for Human Emergence, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Director of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, and cosmologist author Dr. Jude Currivan. The event took place at Tyringham Hall, home of the Tyringham Institute, a world-class think tank for the evolution, expansion, and deeper understanding of consciousness. A celebration of the summer solstice added to the festivities.
Eight ELs at Nexus Global Youth Summit at United Nations
Claudia Welss (Co-Founder & Chair, Invest In Yourself @ Nexus) was among the organizers of the Nexus Global Youth Summit, which brings together emerging entrepreneurs and philanthropists with inspiring speakers. She invited fellow Evolutionary Leaders Gerard Senehi (Founder & President, Open Future Institute and Cassandra Vieten (President and CEO, Institute of Noetic Sciences), to present on July 22nd at her dynamic workshop on "Transcending Struggle: Engaging Flow States for Personal and Planetary Well-being."
Joining them in the packed room were Panos Anastasakis, J.J. and Desiree Hurtak, Deborah Moldow and Alan Steinfeld. 


The theme of the 2016 International Youth Day is “The Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production.” This year’s Day focuses on the leading role of young people in achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through poverty eradication and  sustainable consumption and production.

Youth Day presents an opportunity presents an opportunity to celebrate the views and achievements of youth. What can you do to support the young people in your community?


U.N. International Day of Peace, September 21

Plan your activities now, and make sure to join the 12:00 noon Minute of Silence for peace around the world!

Transforming Hate Into Hope
By Dr. Nina Meyerhof
A Project of Children of the Earth
World War II was a major horror in our history, causing more than 60 million deaths that eliminated more than .3% of the world's population. Adolf Hitler was the tyrant of the century.
One million bodies have been burned here and ashes dumped everywhere, even into the local swimming lake. The stench of these ashes remains in the air's atmosphere and the some of the town's areas can be considered one giant cemetery. 

Now, in the little town of Oswiecim, housing 41,000 inhabitants who live directly next to the Death Camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau, there is a desire to transform its reputation. 

Visitors come daily to visit the horrific historic site that has been maintained exactly as it was used to remind people NEVER AGAIN. People enter the Camp and tour the site leaving deeply impressed with a hanging sense of despair and leave the town, most often, as fast as possible. It is not a place to stay for a visit.

On the other hand, Auschwitz has been the world’s pressure point for the formulation of the United Nations, the state of Israel and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Now this town will inaugurate an event and ask to be recognized for these as a positive emergence.

The town of Oswiecim working with Children of the Earth and others, some for years, and are now prepared to focus on transforming the symbol of the past horrors into a place of HOPE for the future.  We are as a group planning with the local Mayor, the school Rector, and town officials, a program that will initiate this process on the International Day of Peace 2016 as a Day of New Beginnings. The world must learn now that the past is the past and the present and future does have potentials for a better future. The Mayor will declare Oswiecim a City of Peace.

Children of the Earth will bring trainers from different corners of the world symbolizing the unity of all ethnic groups and offer a 3 day workshop on Human Rights and Peace for the local students who are attending a school in one of the original barracks used for housing prisoners.

Footbridge at Auschwitz

This day as the beginning of structuring a City of Peace will include a ceremonial event including The World Peace Violin, several speakers representing the United Nations DPI, local officials and music from a local school group. The full plan has not been finalized but many individuals are working together to have this be a successful meaningful beginning for the town. In fact the town itself is preparing a Bridge of Infiinity of the Nations Reconciliation Park to the Camp to further the recognition of its positive identity

Imagine Oswiecim and the town’s people being able to take pride in their town for housing all of these potentials and how the world could react to this.  If you are interested or wish to contribute in some fashion please contact

Evolutionary Leaders Receive 
Prestigious Awards
Rinaldo Brutoco Given Ellis Island Medal of Honor
The Ellis Island Medals of Honor are presented each year by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations to a select group of individuals whose accomplishments
in their field and inspired service to our nation are cause for celebration. 2016 marks the 30th anniversary of the Medal.
The Medal has honored six U.S. Presidents, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Frank Sinatra, Muhammad Ali, Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel, and Rosa Parks.
We are proud to announce Evolutionary Leader Rinaldo S. Brutoco among the 2016 honorees. Rinaldo is a successful entrepreneur, executive, author and futurist, and the Founding President of the World Business Academy who addresses the role and responsibility of business in relation to the critical moral, environmental, and social concerns of the day.
Kazu Haga Winner of 2016 Martin Luther King, Jr. Award
The Martin Luther King Jr. Award recognizes those working in the United States to further the Rev. Dr. King's nonviolent approach to transforming racial, social, and economic injustice. The 2016 MLK Award goes to Kazu Haga and the East Point Peace Academy, in Oakland, California.
Born in Japan, Haga is known for leading inspirational Kingian nonviolence workshops, 
both in Oakland and through global webinars.
Kazu became a Kingian nonviolence trainer in 2009, and in 2013 became founder and coordinator of the East Point Peace Academy, and later, co-founder and board chair of Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice. Kazu says, "The fact that I received the call while at the Nonviolence Summer Institute, working with 45 new Level I and 15 Level II trainers in King's philosophy only adds to how special it is." 
Infinite Consciousness Conference in Italy 
Diane Williams, Jude Currivan, Ervin Laszlo
The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research in association with Eterneahosted The Infinite Consciousness Conference on July 16th and 17th in Bagni di Lucci, Tuscany, Italy to examine with world-renowned thinkers, biologists, cosmologists, scientists and others the question: "is our consciousness mortal and ending with the demise of our body, or is it a basic phenomenon in nature that continues beyond this life?"
The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research, which was founded by Evolutionary Leader Ervin Laszlo and his distinguished colleagues, mission is to "help people evolve their consciousness to the planetary level and become effective and ethical leaders in our changing times."
The Institute’s Executive Director Joe St. Clair said: “The Institute runs regular events that highlight the very latest advances in physics, spirituality and consciousness studies with each conference focusing on a particular theme such as ‘Healing and Medicine,’ ‘Spirituality and Consciousness’ and ‘Quantum Physics.’ It also addresses important world issues like Education, Business and Leadership, Women’s Rights, Climate Change, Peace Studies and Planetary Consciousness.”

Mr. Laszlo said the Infinite Consciousness Conference was organized “to examine the central issues of consciousness including considering that consciousness doesn’t ceases when the life of your body ceases. This is an idea that we have been thinking about for thousands of years. All the great spiritual systems of the world have said 'yes' that is not just a possibility but is the truth. There is evidence from scientists and doctors like Dr. Eben Alexander who have experienced consciousness beyond the workings of the brain.”

Keynote presenter Dr. Eben Alexander, a renowned neurosurgeon and author of Proof of Heaven, shared about his transcendental Near-Death Experience (NDE) while in a coma when the part of his brain that controls thought and emotion shut down completely.

While his body lay in coma, Dr. Alexander journeyed beyond this world. This journey made him believe that the brain does not create consciousness, instead it is just filtered through it and that consciousness survives bodily death.

Eben Alexander  Karen Newell

This talk was accompanied by a beautiful sacred acoustics sound meditation lead by Karen Newell who began partnering with Dr. Alexander after he started using brainwave entrainment technology as a means to revisit the realms he encountered during this near-death experience in 2008. Karen shared that these sounds and tones can help us access non-physical realms of consciousness where our brainwave patterns can enter a relaxed state. This state allows consciousness to be set free so that our awareness can enter more expansive states. Many of the guests commented that had powerful experiences during the meditation such as a sense of timelessness, deeper heart awareness and a heightened perception beyond the five physical senses.

Jude CurrivanEvolutionary Leader, cosmologist, planetary healer and author Jude Currivan gave a riveting talk that made us ponder the reality of our Universe as a cosmic hologram and how it has innate holographic patterns of in-formation that are more fundamental than matter, energy, space and time. As she said, "Consciousness isn't something we have: it's what we and the whole world are."

Diane Williams, Evolutionary Leader and President of the Source of Synergy Foundation, who participated in the conference said: “Some of most exciting research of our time is happening around the question of does our consciousness survive after we die. If we can scientifically prove that consciousness does indeed continue after our body dies then we will begin to realize that death is not our final end but simply the next level of evolution for our infinite consciousness.” 

At the close of the conference, Ervin said, "People will start realizing who they are and will begin to live up to it."

Other moving lectures were by Hiro and Masami Saionji of the Goi Peace Foundation and the World Peace Prayer Society with Mrs. Saionji sharing about her own near-dHiroo and Masami Saionjieath experience when she was a young woman diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor and only given a month to live until she met Goi Sensei who encouraged her use prayer to heal, which soon became her life’s mission. Other speakers included Raymond Moody who coined the term Near Death Experience in 1975, Dr. Pim Van Lommel a Dutch cardiologist and researcher in the field of near-death studies, Nitamo Montecucco the Scientific Director of Villagio Globale Italy, Psychotherapist Siegmar Gerken, and many others.

Sacred America, Sacred World
New Book By Stephen Dinan
Evolutionary Leader Stephen Dinan, founder and CEO of The Shift Network, has a new book: Sacred America, Sacred World: Fulfilling Our Mission in Service to All. This passionate manifesto calls for an evolutionary leap for America that is both political and deeply spiritual. 
This timely publication offers a transpartisan outlook that encourages thinking beyond
the polarities of election politics to the principles that birthed the nation and can now forge a path to a new kind of global leadership toward a future of peace and prosperity.
Stephen Dinan has filled this volume with practical ideas and innovative strategies from his work with more than1,000 luminaries via The Shift Network. His fellow Evolutionary Leaders have offered ringing endorsements: 
"In Sacred America, Sacred World, Stephen Dinan offers us a highly compelling blueprint to engage in deep and totally achievable global transformation. This is a visionary work of the highest order." ~James O'Dea, The Conscious Activist'
"Sacred America, Sacred World gives us an inspiring Dream for the Future--and some very practical ways to get there." ~ Olivia HansenPresident of Spiritual Life TV Channel and Synthesis Foundation
"Sacred America, Sacred World is a clarion call of hope." ~ Terry Patten, Integral Life Practice

"Read Sacred America, Sacred World!"  
~ Gayle S. Rose, CEO of EVS Corporation
Steering Toward the Omega Point
Kurt Johnson and Barbara Marx Hubbard joined David Sloan Wilson, author of Does Altruism Exist?, in an online discussion of this important question, hosted by the Evolution Institute. Other writers whose commentaries are included are Ken Wilber, Richard Clugston, David Korten and others. 
Kurt Johnson states, "finally, after decades of sacred activists and social progressives feeling their social idealism was doomed to be an upstream battle against a hostile, unkind, and even cruel evolutionary process, here is a view of evolution, claiming to be the new mainstream, that paints a very different picture- one of the evolutionary process preferring structures that serve the well being of the whole and not just the desires of this or that powerful individual or self interest group."
Barbara Marx Hubbard co-wrote a piece that says, "A sense of the inviolability and value of each individual's Unique Self is the feeling of a healthy group. When a group comes together in such a way where no one's unique self is diminished, but all are, in fact, leveraged, there emerges a Unique Self Symphony."
Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution
COMING UP: London, August 26-28
The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution is an annual event, presenting a journey for all of the participants that attend. Imagine a TED Conference crossed with an interview with a yogi and it gives you an idea what to expect! 
Join Evolutionary Leaders Gregg Braden, J.J. and Desiree Hurtak, Lynne McTaggart and other celebrated guest speakers to travel through the latest in science, the humanities, human potential and metaphysics, up to the future of humanity, the mystical experience and human connection beyond the five senses available for you to explore. INFO HERE.
Upcoming EL Events
Human by Design The Power to Thrive in Life's Extremes 
Saturday, August 6, 2016
Southwestern College & New Earth Institute, Santa Fe
Saturday, August 13, 2016, 11:30am PT
A free HeartMath/GCI webinar
August 18-22, 2016
Jean's Home in Ashland, OR
August 19-20, 2016 
Hotel Hyatt Regency, Montreal, QC 
September 7-11, 2016  
Santa Fe, New Mexico
September 9-11, 2016
Beverly Hills, CA
Also featuring Bernardo Kastrup
September 22-25, 2016 
Worcester College, Oxford, UK

September 22-25, 2016
The Monroe Institute, Virginia
Money: Awakening the River

By Jeff Vander Clute, LinkedIn July 18, 2016
In the last few days, circumstances have foregrounded, dramatically, a wide variety of ways in which projects and organizations are struggling with money. The pattern has included projects and organizations that have money just as much as those that don't. Inquiring meditatively into the root of the matter, the fundamental issue revealed itself to be at the level of depth within Consciousness-Awareness that we have been guided to refer to as "Manifester of Life Force."
The Manifester of Life Force is much deeper than individual humans and human collectives. So it's hardly surprising to me that we have - all of us, at every scale, all the way up to Humanity as a whole - been collectively unable to address the root of our dysfunctions in relation money. 

If, in fact, the issue is deeper than our concepts and behaviors around money, then it’s to be expected that however much we try to be smart, mindful, and just with money, we still find ourselves running on a hamster wheel as a society. This aimless and ineffectual cycling is a typical symptom of attempting to respond to a challenge using conventional thinking, which is at the wrong level.

River Photo

Having realized this, today I started working with the energy and consciousness of money itself. Below is the message that started to form in my awareness as soon as I asked money what it had to say on the level of Manifester of Life Force. The good news is that it’s quite unconventional; and maybe it can start to stir up, and open up, new solutions.

You are not alone in this. Galaxies have failed to understand the nature of exchange, which is not limited to three or even five dimensions. And yet the absurdity is that your money is being exchanged linearly, i.e. in just one dimension! By this I mean that it flows in one direction or another via a sequence of linear arrangements that can be represented by lines and arrows. Although one can create impressive-looking graphs to illustrate, say, the global monetary system, the individual transactions are still predominantly one-dimensional, and so the entire system is fundamentally a 1-d convolution. This is the economy of a dormant group mind.

When instead you source financial arrangements from awake consciousness, the guidance you receive encompasses a higher-order, higher-dimensional understanding and view. On the path of spiritual awakening, energy moves in multiple directions at once. Imagine that when a decision is made to use money in service to high purpose , the currency simultaneously energizes: a bank account, Divine awakening, Earth grounding, yin opening, and yang connection. Ask guidance to what extent your applications of money enhance each of these. The optimal expenditure will never be a tradeoff among dimensions of benefit – it will necessarily enhance the entire set. This is a simple example of an abundant 5-d transaction.


Now consider that actual flows of money experienced are like water droplets that have collected into rivulets. These droplets first gained kinetic energy falling from the sky as raindrops. And before that, they were clouds. The clouds are the consciousness of money, the raindrops are the energy of money, and the rivulets are the flows of money that you seek to harness.

How can you gather these flows without understanding rain? Envision in your mind’s eye thick cumulus clouds forming overhead. Invite them. Invoke them. Be curious about them. Use your inner compass to ask how many clouds are gathering in the sky. Invite and invoke more of them. Feel their mists swirling around your subtle body. Infuse your love and total commitment to right action into these aerial reservoirs. Now visualize and feel their rain. There are so many drops precipitating from these clouds! Infinitely many drops, each one gaining so much energy as it falls toward you. How torrential the river now flowing at your feet!

Money as Rain

To manifest money-in-service you must start with the source – the Source, of course –, invest in the consciousness and energy of money, and then, once the river is flowing, optimize your financial transactions across a set of dimensions that describe the nature of the service. In this way, you will support all in being released from narrow geometries of self-limitation into successively expanded dimensions of possibility and FREEDOM.

Please know that it is not money that buys freedom, but rather spiritual freedom that brings money when and where it’s needed. And so these desires for money and spiritual freedom were never opposed, just backwards in the prioritization of an unawake collective mind.

The Dynamic Duo of Your Mind

By Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, June 7, 2016
The evolution of higher mammals, including chimps, cetaceans and humans, brought forth a new level of awareness called "self-consciousness," or, simply, the conscious mind. The newer conscious mind is an important evolutionary advance. The earlier, subconscious mind is our "autopilot"; the conscious mind is our manual control. For example, if a ball comes near your eye, the slower conscious mind may not have time to be aware of the threatening projectile. Yet the subconscious mind, which processes ~20,000,000 environmental stimuli per second vs. 40 environmental stimuli interpreted by the conscious mind in the same second, will cause the eye to blink. [Norretranders 1998] The subconscious mind, one of the most powerful information processors known, specifically observes both the surrounding world and the body's internal awareness, reads the environmental cues and immediately engages previously acquired (learned) behaviors-all without the help, supervision or even awareness of the conscious mind.
The two minds make a dynamic duo. Operating together, the conscious mind can use its resources to focus on some specific point, such as the party you are going to tomorrow night. Simultaneously, your subconscious mind can be safely pushing the lawn mower around and successfully not cutting off your foot or running over the cat— even though you are not consciously paying attention to mowing the lawn.

The two minds (subconscious and conscious) also cooperate in acquiring very complex behaviors that can subsequently be unconsciously managed. Remember the first day you excitedly sat in the driver’s seat of a car, preparing to learn how to drive? The number of things that had to be dealt with by the conscious mind was staggering. While keeping your eyes on the road, you had to also watch the rear and side view mirrors, pay attention to the speedometer and other gauges, use two feet for the three pedals of a standard shift vehicle and try to be calm, cool and collected as you drove past observing peers. It took what seemed to be a long time before all these behaviors were “programmed” into your mind.

Today, you get in the car, turn the ignition on and consciously review your shopping list as the subconscious mind dutifully engages all the complex skills you need to successfully navigate through the city—without even once having to think about the mechanics of driving. I know I am not the only one out there who has experienced this. You are driving and having a delightful discussion with the passenger sitting next to you. In fact, your consciousness gets so caught up in the conversation, that somewhere down the road it dawns on you that you haven’t even paid attention to your driving for five minutes. After a momentary start, you realize that you are still on your side of the road and steadily moving along with the flow of traffic. A quick check of the rear view mirror reveals that you did not leave a wake of crumpled stop signs and smashed mailboxes. If you weren’t consciously driving the car during that time, then who was? The subconscious mind! And how well did it do? Although you didn’t observe its behavior, the subconscious mind apparently performed just as well as it was taught during your driver education experience.