What will it take to initiate a global evolution on this planet?

March 2016 Bruce Lipton Newsletter

Hello Dear Friends, Cultural Creatives, and Emerging Imaginal Cells,

Margaret and I have been blessed to once again return to my teaching position in New Zealand. I love this job because I leave the short days of winter in the Northern Hemisphere behind, and overnight, jump into summer, beaches and BBQ’s in the South Seas. Okay … leaving the “brutal” winter in Santa Cruz is really an overstated remark.  Winter temperatures at our Northern California mountain home are not really “brutal,” daytime temperatures in the 40’s and 50 degree range are a blessing compared to the many winters I lived in Siberia, I mean Madison, Wisconsin.

Interestingly, over the last eight years of our bi-hemispheric trek, we have observed profound climate changes. In the last two years especially, winter temperatures in Santa Cruz have been about the same as, and even warmer than the summer weather here in NZ. Climate change is truly upon us, and affects our lives in many ways. For example, California, the “bread basket” of the States provides 50% of the nation’s food. Hit hard by years of drought and rising temperatures, climate change is having a drastic effect on the germination and lifecycles of plants, and as a consequence, severely impacting animal life.

The impact hit home for me when at our local organic market here in Auckland I saw a big sign posted above the almond bin, with an apology for the $25 per pound price of almonds. The sign acknowledged the drought and the impact of climate change was responsible for the meteoric hike in price. The rising costs of California produce are affecting global economics, and after calling Sally and Laura in our California office, food costs in the States have been similarly affected. The impact on food production and supermarket costs may well be the foremost message that will finally get the public to pay attention to the reality of climate change. Other climate change consequences, such as rising oceans and lower water tables (the water for human consumption and agriculture) are already beginning to take their toll.

As I have offered many times, humans may not be responsible for causing climate change but we sure are exacerbating the problem. Massive public actions may slow the impact of climate change, though alone, it will really not stop it. What is needed now to help the future of civilization is a holistic and bio-dynamic global effort to increase the efficiency of farming methods, the creation of controllable farming environments, and a restoration of ecological habitats. The number of potential jobs to be created in pursuing these ends would save the world’s economy.

Yet the nature of civilization’s urgent planetary needs have been sidelined by climate change, but in this case … political climate change. The vicious polarities in the US election caucuses are attracting a global audience, for them, it’s reality TV out of control. In their rush to the presidency, the candidates have essentially ignored the global threats to human survival, such as the economic chasm between the 1% and the 99%, ecological upheaval, air and water pollution, and our slide into the 6th mass extinction of life. The current version of the “American Way of Life” is simply unsustainable. Endless articles and newscasts report that the “American Dream” is dead, while the heart and soul of the States is being eviscerated by gun-toting “patriots” who are rewriting American history and ideology.

The dark humor in all of this is that the bad news is the good news. As Steve and I described in, the polarities that have divided the world’s populations into “camps” are coming to an end. The principles of quantum physics, the science that describes the operating mechanisms of the Universe, reveals that the Universe is one entangled, integrated whole. As we describe in the book, when this reality is understood, the familiar “dueling dualities,” e.g., religion-science, liberal-conservative, hippie-yuppie, Democrats-Republicans, competition-cooperation, are all found to be aspects of the same side of the coin. True evolution represents community working in harmony. This will only be achieved when polarity advocates finally recognize both sides all want the same thing in the end.

Nowhere was the division between two polar views more prominent and caustic than in the post-Arab Spring Tunisian government. Called upon to create a new constitution after the fall of their restrictive government, the old-line conservatives went face to face with the younger liberal members of parliament in an all-out political war. Recognizing that after fruitless months this approach wasted everybody’s time and left the country in a morass, they tried something radical. Rather than fighting over the points they disagreed on, they decided to first find common ground and work toward ends both camps agreed upon. The result is Tunisia’s congress drafted the world’s most humanitarian constitution. The success of working as a collaborative community earned the Tunisian parliament’s coalition the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize for their significant contribution to global democracy.

The global crises civilization is now experiencing are signs of the collapse of a non-sustainable way of life. The frustration, anger and violence arising around the planet are also signs of an impending upheaval. Counter intuitively, the crises are a good sign, for they are all symptoms that the evolution of a new sustainable civilization is well underway.

In a large part, the planetary transformation we seek will be facilitated by the unity of another former duality, heart and mind. One of the biggest monkey wrenches interfering with our evolution is our tendency to resolve problems by strictly using rational thought processes in our minds. As I have been promoting for the last decade, more effective resolutions are provided when we consult with our heart’s wishes. In other words, how we “feel” about a situation is usually more informative than how we “think” about a situation.

My friends at HeartMath have recently released a new book on how to source the wealth of knowledge in your heart. Entitled, Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart, this informative work is an excellent resource as a compass in divining the path of your life. Details about this important new publication are attached below.

As one of the co-founders of UPLIFT, I am in India for a three-week tour with an UPLIFT community of artists, musicians, and scientists dedicated to helping people regain self-empowerment and move toward global peace and harmony. Then I get to return to New Zealand for one more month of summer, before returning to California and welcoming … summer!

With Love and Light,