Real Time Evolution: The Beginning of the End of the Sexual Predator

I can’t imagine how many very, very frightened men are out there right now. How many go to sleep each night with a sense of extreme relief for surviving another day without getting busted, yet whose sleep is fitful because their tomorrow presents the same invisible gauntlet of fear. You know who you are. You are husbands and boyfriends: current and ex. You are brothers and sons, uncles and grandfathers. You are dear family friends. You exist across cultures, religions, tribes, national borders, industries and definitely cover all economic strata. You are men of the cloth, politicians, professors, plumbers, prisoners, presidents and police, doctors, lawyers, mechanics, chefs, truck drivers, gardeners. You may be homeless or fly privately. You have existed throughout the ages, but maybe...just maybe... your time is up.

The tsunami of #MeToo’s that has flooded social media is about something far more than a bunch of creeps getting their just due. It’s more than various women coming out of the shadows to finally speak truth to power, to shed themselves of ill-placed guilt and remorse by repatriating said emotions to their proper homeland: the souls of the perpetrators. The few men who have been called out and who are ceremoniously dethroned by many who are looking over their shoulders to see when their numbers might be up, are less than the tip of the iceberg.

Making lists of such names is ridiculous. This has been woven into the warp and woof of human fabric since time immemorial. The better list would be the true short list of the “nots.” But let me hasten to add here that “you” are not “all of you.” Thank Goodness for the few and the brave who have walked the line of character and integrity...such nostalgic qualities it seems. Thank you to the mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grand-parents, older siblings and just plain good-hearted folks who have successfully raised honorable males. Thank you to those men who have raised themselves by making smart choices in moments where another path may have been tempting, easy or more expedient.

It is on all of us now, as a Village, to up our game and to raise both our boys and our girls to grow up with a clear sense of self, with strong self-esteem, with a foundation of integrity, and with compassionate hearts that make us, and the whole world, proud.

We are dealing with something far deeper here, something that transcends cultural norms or religious tenets. This is a sea change that is on track to do nothing less than rewire fundamental human instinct. It’s raising the consciousness of the collective beyond mere “conquer and have your way with her.” (Could that be rooted in some vestigial reptilian survival of the species instinct?) We are in the early stages of experiencing cracks in the tectonic plates of human evolution - and it’s happening in real time, and it’s happening before our eyes.

We are front row witnesses to the compression of time when the life-long careers of an entertainment mogul, or a once beloved television personality, who bookend the intelligence spectrum, can crash and burn while you’re brewing your first cup of morning coffee. Really.

And while we are quick to call out those who have indeed crossed the line of acceptable behavior, who may have used positional power as a means to fulfilling their own feeble ego needs, let we women also do a bit of self-examination here. There are those among us who have consciously used our feminine allure to further our own purposes. We may be politicians, professors, plumbers, prisoners, first ladies or police, etc., etc. And there are those among us who may have become victims not by force per se, but by our own misguided naïveté or misplaced sincere trust. While holding men accountable to higher standards, we women need to guard against become morally arrogant.

If we truly want to create a better, fairer and more beautiful world, we need to do it by walking shoulder to shoulder, hands joined, all facing the same direction, men and women alike. We need to allow for and support the healing process for all of us. We need to recognise that it is often more a case of ignorance than malevolence that causes so many of the injustices in our world today. Collective growth and societal evolution happen through a process of awakening that roughly follows these five steps:

  • First, we begin to notice the affronts. This is not always so straight-forward as many words, glances, gestures, even suggestions are so woven into our daily experience as to have become de rigeur and can easily slip by unrecognized for what they truly represent in the collective psyche 

  • Second, as we are now engaged, we must awaken to the truth of our present circumstances 

  • Third, we need to name it and call it out, fearlessly, knowing that no position, title or new-found status is worth a piece of our souls 

  • Fourth, we need to recognize that we always have the power of choice - in every moment 

  • Fifth, we realize that we can re-author our individual and collective stories by using our powers of discernment to make new conscious, intelligent choices that ultimately further all of humanity 

What is going on in America right now will surely wrap its way around the globe; it will be interesting to see how it manifests in and is addressed by other cultures. What is going on right now is nothing less than a re-examination and re-calibration of what it means to be a self-aware, balanced and fully integrated human being. We are learning something about The Golden Rule, and indeed about basic human decency, that could become the foundation of a higher level, truly moral and just, sensitive, kind-hearted and mutually respectful society.

Evolution as a process of awakening can be, and typically is, slow and gradual. However, there are times in the arc of history that it proceeds very rapidly in what is known in scientific circles as “punctuated equilibrium.” We are now at this point in time. We are on the cusp, at an inflection point, dancing on the precipice of a shift in consciousness so great and so broad that once we come out on the other end, there will be virtually no segment of our global society that has not been disrupted, recalibrated, reorganized, re-set and renewed – all for the better, I am willing to assume.

Humility, massive forgiveness of self and others, and a sense of humor are necessary and helpful components in moving humanity en masse to a higher plane.

That’s where I’m headed. Wanna come along?