Life is Constantly Communicating With Us

Life is constantly communicating with us.

I was recently in sacred Sedona, Arizona.

My time there was one filled with magical symbolism trying to get my attention.

One of the things I teach in my system of healing, called The Spontaneous Transformation System, is to notice…

Notice the patterns, notice the reactions, notice the ride that your amazing beliefs take you on.

Witness the old beliefs of lack, limitation, AND the new beliefs of power and freedom.

The noticing puts you in a new choice, it puts you in a place to discover your deep beliefs and unwind them… creating new programming / new neural pathways of possibility.

Remember, these new choices you are creating in each moment of noticing are truly new moments of your freedom.

While in Sedona, I had a lesson in noticing the symbols which spirit/higher divine self is always offering, to nudge me into my new path.

Spirit is always here and helps us move into new energies. It is always showing us how to resolve the old and create an “energy of life” that we have been praying for.

During this week in Sedona, spirit provided through “symbols...”

I have had no less than 15 unusual animal sightings, animal totem spirit symbols, asking me to notice what their messages were for me.

It started the moment I arrived to my destination when a beautiful, large black and yellow snake greeted me as I unpacked the car.

Dragonflies, Quails (and their family of chicks), chipmunks, rabbits, birds of every color and type, a cricket (even came into the house), rabbits, hummingbirds all demanded my attention.

Then the bigger, more unusual… javelinas (wild peccaries --like pigs), a coyote stopped my car and stared at me, two deer came and hung out on the property. Plus a large tarantula and a scarab!

So, I got to work and looked up all these symbols in order of appearance… and they told me a story of trusting the flow of life no matter what.

It helped me so much, I was honored by these animals as they crossed my path with their gifts of wisdom.

I know, and animal wisdom has confirmed, that in difficult times, we are always supported… the universe --which is us-- is constantly delivering divine supply…

However, we must take those sacred moments and look up, and see them, and know that divine supply is here for us.

So, remember to “look up” to the horizon of your life and see the support, solutions and resources that are there for you, waiting for you to re-cognize and embrace them.


Jennifer McLean

McLean MasterWorks