How To Save The Planet, End Poverty and Solve Our Biggest Challenges: The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do

The single most important and simultaneously most impactful thing you can do to accomplish all of the above and far more is to live your purpose and follow your passions—because encoded within these two things is the exact way you can be of highest service to all life.

Let me explain…

Humanity (and all life for that matter) is a mosaic of interlocking pieces that complement and support each other, but only when oriented in the proper configuration—of which purpose and passion is the key to organizing.

But why?

No matter which layer of reality scientists and physicists study—from the microscopic to the macroscopic—they find perfect order and harmony. In fact one of the greatest scientific minds of all time, David Bohm, coined the term ‘implicate order’ to describe the relationships and behaviors of quantum particles.

After a lifetime of study, he, as did many other physicists, could not deny the incredibly complex harmony that existed on the subatomic plane…

Because anyone who ponders and studies the nature of reality long enough cannot deny that encoded within the most fundamental particles and structures that make up reality is a set of implicate instructions and behaviors that creates a coherent whole.

A perfect balance and symmetry that gives rise to everything we know as reality.

And we, as a collection of these perfect particles, are no different.

The great Hermetic axiom states ‘as above, so below’ and vice versa… and now science is proving it as well with the study of Planck-scale informational systems and beyond.

We too are encoded with a self-organizing principle striving to create perfect order, harmony and flow and that principle expresses itself in our consciousness in more complex forms as purpose and passion.

It is the evolutionary impulse moving through us just like it moves through all other forms of life.

We are literally encoded with the blueprint of an existence of perfect harmony and flow… and we also have free will as to whether or not we choose that reality.

Thus far we have not collectively chosen it and as such, an otherwise healthy planet in the middle of its life cycle is greatly out of balance.

And we, as an extension of that ecosystem, can’t help but experience the same.

The problems we face are immense. Complex. Intricate.

They can seem impossible at first glance.

But when you really get down to the fundamental level on which they originate, it is simply due to a misalignment: both with the principles of nature itself and within ourselves in our misalignment with purpose and passion.

When we stray from our most fundamental encoding we create imbalance. When we live in alignment with it—both individually and collectively—harmony is restored.

Purpose and passion are self-organizing systems within human consciousness that contain within them all the precise shifts, inventions, societal structures, technologies, principles and so on which can and WILL solve this global crisis now and well into the future.

In expressing your purpose and passion you will naturally act in your highest capacity to be of service to the collective good.

You will unleash your genius that is latent within you which is your greatest gift to the world and desperately needed to avert further disaster. 

For some, their purpose may be as activists fighting on the front lines... for others it might be as technologists enabling the activists to communicate and co-ordinate more efficiently or coming up with enlightened solutions to the complex environmental issues we face…

For others it might simply be to be the greatest parent possible to birth the next Mandela or Ghandi or Jobs that leads us forward and for others still it might be to inspire us all with beautiful music or simply to meditate all day and hold the vision for a better future on the etheric planes.

Each has their role. Each contributes in their highest capacity. Each is integral to a healthy, functioning whole.

The insects, fungi and microscopic bacteria are just as important to the survival of an ecosystem as the trees, animals and plants themselves, but they are not always seen or appreciated.

Such is the nature of purpose. It is not always glamorous. And it is important to not judge or deny yours or anyone else's simply because it might be more behind the scenes or obscure.

Everything is essential.

We all are needed.

The solution to our greatest challenges is within us and purpose and passion are the keys.