The Evolution is in Full Swing

Hello Dear Friends, Cultural Creatives, and Imaginal Cells!

The evolution is in full swing. Having returned from 6 months on the road (Australia, New Zealand, India, Turkey, Israel, Vienna, Dublin and London, whew!), the news from the world front is that all these countries are facing the very same issues as citizens in the States: inefficient governments, unstable economic systems, wealth being concentrated into the hands of a few, escalating food prices, and an awareness that big life changes are ahead of us. Facing such uncertainties, people around the world are looking “outside the box” for insights on how to survive current global crises.

Among these seekers, the most commonly held insight to support our evolution is to raise human consciousness. The empowerment needed to thrive into the future is directly related to increasing awareness. Simply, knowledge is power. This is why I love my job … spreading the good news about how we can control our genes through epigenetics and how we can re-empower ourselves by rewriting limiting programs acquired during the first 7 years of life our lives. The new science provides individuals with the power to take back control of their lives.

Over the last 6 months, Margaret and I, in collaboration with our partners, Bharat Mitra and Bhavani Lev of Organic India, have planted seeds of empowerment in Australia, India and Israel that are currently sprouting and changing lives in these countries. This month’s newsletter video describes the special experience we had in Israel. The “Uplift Israel” project brought 1200+ Palestinians and Israelis together in a program of science, spirituality and the arts. (SEE VIDEO)

Our mission was to help people realize that peace was not forth coming from governments, but would come from the action of the public. My lecture on the Biology of Belief and its relationship to developmental programming awoke audiences to the reality that programming their children to hate their neighbors is the process that has sustained the conflict for generations. Both Arabs and Israelis were profoundly impacted when they realized the impact of developmental programming on the fate of their children. After the presentations, attendees from both of these polarized religious and political camps joined together, sharing food and dancing in an atmosphere of peace and love. WOW!

In spite of the lack of coverage by the news media, our travels reveal that the needed evolutionary “upwising” (… thank you Swami Beyondananda) is truly a global event. Each and every one of you represent the change that will help our planet thrive into the future. Thank you, dear cultural creatives, for working toward manifesting a new sustainable, peaceful and loving world.

With Love and Light,