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John Steiner is devoted to networking, mesh weaving, consulting, connecting, hosting and philanthropy in service of the pattern that connects/the field of natural intelligence — bringing together people, projects, ideas, money and spirit to support an awake, sustainable, harmonious, just, joyous world. In all of this he works intimately with his wife and partner, Margo King.

John and Margo were founding and lead organizing members of Threshold Foundation, Integral Institute, Creative Philanthropy Associates, the Wisdom Beyond Borders Fund at Mediators Foundation, and the Steiner King Foundation. Currently, they are part of a team exploring bringing the transpartisan meme/movement to scale.

John has been a founding member of and actively engaged with the Social Venture Network, Search for Common Ground, Reuniting America, and the Transpartisan Center. In 1999 he co-founded the National Commons to bring multi-stakeholder, collaborative problem solving tools to the national level. He now works closely with the Convergence Center for Public Policy, which forges wise and enduring solutions to key national issues through trust building dialogues of diverse people and organizations leading to action. He works closely with Dr. Robert Fuller, former Oberlin College President, founder of the Dignity movement to end rankism and build a dignitarian society.

For many years John and Margo have worked with numerous social/spiritual activists, visionaries, and entrepreneurs. They have helped several teachers of the timeless wisdom teachings get further established. Their passion is spirit (aloha) in action, especially how the great insights and practices of these perennial traditions are calling forth an evolutionary imperative -- being educated in and as our true nature/who we really are. They are committed to couples realization.

John, a native of Cincinnati, was Harvard, class of ‘65. He was privileged to know Suzuki Roshi and spend seminal years at the San Francisco Zen Center and Tassajara. He and Margo lived in the Bay Area for 20 years before moving to Boulder in 1986 with their now two adult children.

“We put ourselves in the only place of immediate, inexhaustible benefit, each one of us, united together in the invisible fabric of invincible, seamless  solidarity — open intelligence” (awareness, clarity, nature’s own intelligence, implicate order, Tao source consciousness, God....).”
  --Candice O’Denver