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David Tresemer, Ph.D. (Psychology, Harvard), is the co-founder of the StarHouse in Boulder, Colorado, and the developer of the Personal Star Poem system for the qualities of each of the 360 zodiacal degrees, communicated through 360 different Personal Star Poems. He has been an organic/biodynamic farmer and has written The Scythe Book: Mowing Hay, Cutting Weeds, and Harvesting Small Grains with Hand Tools (which has sold a thousand copies every year for forty years). He is the author of star wisdom articles (published in the Journal for Star Wisdom), and other books, and is the co-author of the book Star Wisdom & Rudolf Steiner and The Venus Eclipse of the Sun 2012. The New Astrology Emerging approach (through StarHouse) makes Star Wisdom available to many. David is editor and contributor to The Counselor: As If Soul and Spirit Matter, as well as Slow Counseling, and the past president of the Association for Anthroposophic Psychology.

A great joy is co-presenting with spouse and partner, Lila Sophia Tresemer, in diverse venues: focusing on StarHouse and the consciousness-tools on that property, to Washington DC (finding access to the great spirits who are there beneath the monuments), assisting human beings to ready to converse with invisible beings. Together we wrote Conscious Wedding Handbook, to put in writing how we have been counseling people in the most important work of human beings: Relationship.

TheStarHouse.org, anthroposophicpsychology.org

Invisible intelligences await conversation with humans who are ready -- how can we forge and temper that readiness?