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Ciro Gabriel Avruj

Ciro Gabriel develops a broad and fruitful international activity in favor of peace and unity.

As social entrepreneur and spiritual activist he is a pioneer in the fields of integration, disabilities and Oneness awareness. Consultant and speaker on new paradigms.

His life is an exciting experience of resiliency that is a model of inspiration for many. Since 1987, as a result of a car accident, he lives from the heart as a wonderful challenge from his wheelchair accepting the dare of re-inventing himself every day. He devotes to training and motivating in self-leadership and he is frequently invited to speak and share about his vision and life experience on stages all around the world.

Always open to bring his gifts in service to humanity, he is the Humanity's Team country coordinator for Argentina, former Global Trustee of the United Religions Initiative, Co-Founder and director of "Sin Barreras" (Consciousness Without Borders), advisor of NetSpirit and active member of the Argentine Council of Peace and the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, among other organizations. Working voluntarily together with these NGOs with educational programs, activities and campaigns, he achieved many goals that helped changing the lives of thousands of people.

With a Degree in Business Administration, he is also formed in Social Capital and Integral Human Development.

Protagonist of the inspiring biographical film, "Above the Darkest Clouds, the Sun Always Shines; All is a Matter of Flying High." Co-author of the books "Spiritual Leadership" and "New Leaders - Behaviors That are Shifting the Reality." He has also published numerous articles and been interviewed several times by the mass media.

He has been recognized as a Peace Ambassador and received numerous awards for his work, commitment and attitude to life, becoming a referent in the construction of the culture of peace.

Above the darkest clouds, the sun always shines; all is a matter of flying high.