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Anna-Mari Pieterse is well known for her passion for uBuntu and her relentless efforts when it comes to raising consciousness for what she regards as 'Africa's most precious Spiritual Heritage.'

When she became the volunteer Country Coordinator for Humanity's Team South Africa and a member of the Humanity's Team World Wide Core team in 2005, Anna-Mari wanted to understand what Oneness (core principle of Humanity's Team) and being human meant through the mirror of the African Worldview and uBuntu, and to share it with the world. Unfortunately, information about uBuntu was not all that easy to find. Anna-Mari found that uBuntu – the ancient African ‘Philosophy of Origins and Being' had on a grand scale faded into intellectual academic scripts, some by-the-way mentioning from a podium, a buzz-word… a catch phrase, or another name for a new business venture…. a dream never the less, in the hearts of many – including that of her own.

This challenge in the end turned out to be a great gift and the birth of the uBuntu Civics Academy and the uBuntu Keepers Initiative.

Anna-Mari has a BA degree in Counselling Psychology. She is well-known for taking uBuntu to the Global Stage as 'Africa’s Gift of Oneness to the World' through her advocacy and by bringing uBuntu (and a great number of South African and African thought leaders) into the many Oneness conversations that she has had the privilege to co-create over the years.

Her main achievements serving in Humanity’s Team: - Leading author of the global Oneness Declaration (translated into 22 languages, signed by almost 80 000 people and presented to the United Nations in 2010). Also part of the first Global Oneness Day launch-team. - Co-developer and co-host of the Oneness in Twelve Spheres of Life Initiative with Steve Farrell. - Facilitator of global Spiritual Leadership Awards to Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela (posthumously).

uBuntu: ubu – to become

ntu – Highest Potential/Being


I AM because We Are.