Barbara Marx Hubbard

Tributes to Barbara Marx Hubbard from Members of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle

April 2019

American Visionary


A thousand years from now they still will be speaking of her in wonder and astonishment.

Oh Barbara, I have know thee of old, on both historical and on the present space-time transits we took together,

We met on regular postal mail (remember that) in 1965 when you were writing the Center Letter, a magnificent pot pourri of ideas, visions, call to arms, and winsome, wise roads towards new ways of being. Thereafter we met many times, often finding ourselves forging together on frontiers of thought where others thought us crazy or certainly very eccentric. You were already a practical mystic, encountering dreams of tomorrow and transcendent travels for today. I, on the other hand was always Earthbound, looking for ways to improve the present human condition while you were already ahead, aspiring to a new species version of the possible human. At the same time, you remained a deep-rooted blossomer, raising children, grandchildren and generations who could respond to your lure of becoming. As you grew older, you seemed to become younger, re-writing the decades as the time of regenopause and taking on more and more and yet still more, writing, teaching, running for president, or at least vice president, creating spirals of networks, offering both the vision and the practice of becoming the ones who are the difference that can make the difference!

And this I KNOW, WHEREVER AND HOWEVER YOU ARE YOU WILL NOT STOP. You are a circuit rider for cosmic education and that is why all beings both visible and invisible will rightfully say:






Dear Jean,

A lovely tribute to our dear sister, Star Child Barbara. She was so much more than normal, in so many great ways. More than a pioneering visionary, she was a birth mother for the new consciousness.

We hold her in our hearts in a very special way.

Love to you as well, you pioneering visionary!

Rinaldo Brutoco


In Loving Remembrance of Barbara Marx Hubbard —
Beloved Sister, Brave and futuristic Soul, you will be missed on this blue-green planet we call “Mother Earth.” Fortunately, we are still connected with you in Spirit and will see you on the other side when our time of passage comes. We thank you for standing up against the prophets of doom while affirming the abundance of Joy within this life as a futuristic embrace of the greater life throughout the universe.

We also thank you for the positive vision and enthusiasm of life you brought to tens of thousands of spiritual seekers and scientists with an inspirational futuristic teaching across the world. We are fond of the many happy years we were with you, especially at events in talking with the youth of the world at the Great Harmonic Convergence in Hawaii, singing musical mantras with spiritual leaders gathered in the mountains of Switzerland, or even walking along the beaches in Santa Barbara under the stars.

The still small voice, the voice of compassion that brought many Light workers to be with you, will continue with those who understand the price that has to be paid for taking the higher path. This was the path of the Prince of Peace that drew you to the importance of the Christed message of hope and futurism. We know many that have been inspired by you, will continue the work of the Infinite Way with Joy.

May the greater work continue beyond memories,
and may the real Kingdom come
“Tavo Malkutayka”

Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen.

Eternal Love Beloved Sister,
Dr. J.J. Hurtak & Dr. Desiree Hurtak



‘Bouquets for Barbara’

It’s strange to use the words ‘untimely death’ about someone who would have been 90 in December, but among all those talking about the ‘soul’ of Barbara Marx Hubbard and its deliberate ‘decision’ to move to the other side, I personally believe she wasn’t quite ready to leave this earthly plane.

Barbara was extraordinary, not so much for what she achieved as for what she represented as a woman. I met her about 10 years ago, when Deepak Chopra and just about everybody you’d long to meet in the consciousness community were invited to come together at his center in California for a day-long discussion about what we were going to collectively ‘do’ about the catastrophic state of the world.

Barbara and I clicked immediately, in part because I share the same married name as her, and we often joked about being the two ‘old’ mother Hubbards.

But the truth was, there was nothing old about Barbara, then or up until the time of her death. She was one of the most youthfully optimistic people I’ve ever known.

In one sense, she was born at the wrong time, and came of age when the role of women was relegated to being homemaker and caregiver.

She dutifully produced five children, but while rocking cradles and changing diapers, something else stirred within her – a hunger to be at the center of the action, a desire born perhaps from her position as eldest daughter of the powerhouse toy tycoon Louis Marx and the loss of her mother to breast cancer when Barbara was just 13.

Three years later, in the midst of Barbara’s adolescence, the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

She maintained that that event was perhaps the defining moment of her life. She realized that the enormous destructive human potential that had produced the atomic bomb could be turned on its head and mined for our greatest creative potential.

In trying to give form to these longings, the mentors she sought out were great and powerful men: Teilhard de Chardin, Sri Aurobindo, Buckminster Fuller, Jonas Salk. And for much of her time, she believed in the power of co-creating a vision with a male partner.

She once wrote, “Even though I was a liberated woman in many ways in the 70s, the cultural imprint of feeling that a man would know best was so deep that it has taken a whole lifetime to free myself of that.”

Nevertheless, eventually these influences created in her the powerful conviction that she could do it, too, and that her life’s work was to be midwife to nothing less than humanity’s conscious evolution.

Barbara even came to believe that the political, social and economic turmoil the world is experiencing at present was evidence that humanity was in the midst of evolution to a higher state of being.

As described by Neale Donald Walsch in his book, The Mother of Invention, Barbara told him that once, while meditating, she felt a “’a vibrant field of Light that was ecstatic, joyful, beyond the field of physicality yet somehow connected to my own essential being . . . a continuation of my own self at a different frequency.’. . .For her consciousness had expanded beyond all the limits of her body. . . . “Maybe,” she thinks to herself, “I’m mutating.”

Barbara WAS mutating, into amazing and explosive possibility. More than 20 years ago, she remarked: “At 76, I am deep into ‘regenopause.’ . . .When we enter menopause, and are no longer producing eggs—we ourselves are the ‘egg.’”

And as time wore on, like the word she coined, she kept getting younger, more energetic and productive, more infused with the certainty that there was more and more for her to do. Like many of her other friends, I never actually expected her to die.

Barbara didn’t have the time on earth to do more than launch the first mappings of the wondrous, complex evolution she imagined so many years ago.

But her primary genius was in simply being, in embodying the extraordinary certainty of possibility and positive change that could express itself in a woman at any time of her life. Barbara was never a woman ‘of a certain age.’ She was ageless and fearless, and she prompted other women to embrace the latter years as a time of immense creativity and freedom.

Barbara may not have understood it, but her greatest legacy was simply this: she taught all of us, all women of any age, to never stop thinking big.

Lynne McTaggart



Dearest Barbara,

You have been one of my dearest friends and wondrous co-adventurer in the evolution of humanity and Planet Earth for 35 years. I know your soul so intimately and will deeply miss your divine sparkle, boundless enthusiasm for life, and indomitable belief in the full possibility of the human experiment. What you call homo universalis. We are your team on Earth and will continue the work you have so beautifully championed in helping birth the new humanity.

Please bless our efforts to continue this noble mission to which you so beautifully dedicated your life until its very last breath!

I will forever cherish this life’s incarnation of your soul and look forward to playing with you again here or elsewhere.

With love and gratitude,

David Gershon



I join you in holding Barbara in the light. She and God are truly One now so she will make a perfect decision. I trust that and I know you trust this also.

Barbara has so many close, close friends in E.L. Suzanne and family are aware of this but they don’t have the capacity to reach out to all of the friends they’d like to thank for loving and supporting Barbara over the years. If Barbara’s decides to move on to her next adventure we’ll need to find a way to express that thanks on behalf of Suzanne and all of her family. Let’s think about how we might do this.

In the meantime, I will stay close as I know others will also.

With so much appreciation and love,

Steve Farrell


I visited Barbara’s bedside yesterday afternoon just before Barbara’s family asked for privacy to be with Barbara. Barbara’s daughter, Suzanne, and her husband were hosts. Suzanne looked very much at peace. She asked that we all hold Barbara in the light and pray that Barbara’s desire/choice is being manifested. She is very grateful for the close friendship of many in the E.L. community and asked me to convey deep and heartfelt thanks for your love and support of Barbara over the years.

With love and gratitude,

Steve Farrell



I join in sending deep love and healing energy and trust the unknown to her evolve to more expanded levels of awareness.

Barbara Max Hubbard made conscious evolution a cultural meme that will indeed change the future destiny of humanity. As she continues her own evolutionary journey, we feel gratitude that she was and will continue to be our guide as we travel on our own paths.

Deepak Chopra



Sent from Barbara Fields



Sending love to Barbara

Jeff Vander Clute



Our loving prayers and deepest gratitude follow our beloved mother of conscious evolution, Barbara Marx Hubbard, who left her body today. Surely, she will be leading the evolution from on high.

Deborah Moldow



Gordon and I are holding our sweet Barbara, her daughter Suzanne and the whole family, tenderly in the light. We trust the wisdom of Barbara’s soul to choose each step of her way as it has from the moment of its creation. May her entire clan be blessed and at peace in this time of sacred uncertainty.

And sending love to all of you,

J and G



During the last few days her visits with me in stillness have been full of laughter, love and light. Her beloved Sidney has taken her arm and they dance again.

We unlocked a code during our time together and soon the treasures our moment will ignite the Nousphere with your wishes and dreams.

Her Legend lives in all of us let’s keep it alive and flowing

Blessings and love to each of you. Our moments together are sweet and so so deep.

Love you,

Adam Hall

Also from Adam:

Power, Grace, Beauty and Love

Today the world lost a global treasure. Forever; her light will shine, her vision shall been seen, her heart shall be felt and her genius will continue to change the world.

You will forever remain dear Barbara one of my favorites. ILY, Adam



For Barbara... been playing these this morning


Sr Jenna

Good morning and Om Shanti Friends.

I sat in yoga last night as I reminisce on the soul of Barbara

after hearing that she has moved on and what emerged is that she’s already preparing to enter another body because the one she was in, wasn’t giving her enough speed so, in the spirit of honoring the beauty of the role the soul who played a wonderful part as Barbara Marx Hubbard I wish her continued loved and wisdom. Also, sending oceans God’s peace around the soul as she travels to her next destination.

I’m reminded by the way Barbara lit up a room. Shared with such vibrancy. Loved with such kindness, can only imagine how much more will be multiplied

in with her new-found chariot to ride!

Farewell to you as Barbara Marx Hubbard, trailblazer, light worker,

lover of all hearts and welcome to

a more enlightened, tenacious angel for our planet. We remember the One and we remember you

Remember Me
Sister Jenna



I am so glad I got to see you before you left, Barbara, and you made an indelible impression on me.

Such a queen of light, such a unique sound you brought to the symphony off life.

You are an example to us all. The world would truly have been a poorer place without you….


James O’Dea

Barbara at the UN  

   Evolutionary Leaders Retreat 2015

Evolutionary Leaders Retreats


The extraordinary Light, Love, and Wonder of Barbara Marx Hubbard.

May we continue to receive her brilliance and guidance from above.

Always Love,

Barbara Layton



Barbara was an amazing visionary with a beautiful warm and clear heart.

Her Love, her Light, her Twinkle, her Wisdom will shine forever!

With deep gratitude, Fred Matser

We have all been concerned about her for the last few days since she entered the hospital. Barbara Marx Hubbard has transformed millions of lives and our thinking about our world, forever.



Much love to her and all of you who are helping to create a world that works for all.
Rick Ulfik



Celebrating dear Barbara and her unique expression of love and brilliance.

She is no doubt lighting up the heavens..

With love,

Patricia Albere


Holding dear Barbara with so much love and Patricia (her sister) and her family. She's been an endlessly courageous

visionary and woman, inspiring us all.

With love & blessings..

Patricia Albere



My community has been praying for her and we held an intention circle yesterday for her.

Much Love and Light:

Darius Barazandeh



We just held Barbara in a profound space of clear light in our Earth Rising weekly circle. Feeling the magnitude of this moment and a powerful portal opening between the worlds.

Love to all,

David Nicol



Sad and beautiful. Her presence will be felt now more than ever.

Oran Cohen



And when she is once again in the company of her father, the Toy King, she can look him straight in the eye and say, "I DID do my best!" (wink to Barbara)

Love to all,




She is a beautiful light, who will shine only brighter from her new limitless vantage point. My thoughts and prayers are with her family, while Barbara continues to soar into limitlessness.

Much love to all.

Anita xx



Dearest ELs: please add my fondest and deepest healing energies to those you are sending. Barbara must be, and will be, with us still to continue her work for the present and the future of humanity.

with love

Ervin Laszlo




You have been a great inspiration to me: A mentor, friend, and above all a shining example of how wisdom can be combined with compassion, empathy, humor and love in a single divine soul that is not really a single soul at all. I love you deeply and feel the strong eternal connection between our spirits. With deepest gratitude, best wishes for the journey you are no experiencing, and love,

John Perkins



Dear Ones,

What a light, she was and, so still shining…

YES , and said so well -- she was with all of you and will continue to be with all of us as she is so deeply in our hearts and souls.

This is one of our favorites.

Till soon with love,

John and Margo

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

By Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sun on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there; I did not die.



Is this not amazing?! I read each piece and know we all understand how important Barbara was and is as a true innovative architectural leader in our movement.

Such great outpouring of true recognition of Barbara as an icon of conscious LIGHT spreading dynamic energetic sparks wherever she was.

I too have known Barbara about 40 years and always felt her pioneering spirit that pushed the walls of mental limitations. Her vibrancy continues to be like a swirling force. Now, even more than ever, may she shine on, and through us, as there are no limits.

Bless you Barbara, what a relevant life. An amazing legacy. Congratulations.

We are family.

With love, Nina



Dear EL Beloveds,

Barbara’s passing has taken me on a vivid ride down memory lane. I met Barbara almost forty years ago when I did a year-long training with her, David Spangler and Barry McWaters at the then nascent Institute for the Study of Conscious Evolution in San Francisco. She opened my mind, my heart and my life direction. Finding my writings about that time today was shocking to realize just how long I’ve been committed to this path. I hosted a Home Gathering for her at my apartment as a fundraiser for her Campaign for a Positive Future in 1983 and even found a proposal to her for a seminar curriculum introducing Conscious Evolution to a larger audience. Our lives continued to interweave through the years. I brought her in with Brian Swimme to headline a conference I was facilitating; she helped evaluate grantees for a New Mythos grant I created at Opus Archives and Research Center at Pacifica. She even gave a talk at our StoryDome project at the Seattle World’s Fair 50th Anniversary. She was my teacher, mentor, colleague and ultimately friend for well over half my life.

One of the things I most marvel at about Barbara, and most cherish as my inspiration going forward, is that the older she got, the more energy, enthusiasm, and radiance she seemed to carry. It was wondrous to watch her be so sustained by what she would call her ”vocational arousal”. She was indomitable and indefatigable, a glowing light in the universe. I will miss her and our world seems a little less bright with her passing. But there’s a brighter star in the sky that will serve as a beacon for all who follow in her footsteps.

I am glad we are meeting at Sunrise Ranch and can thank personally her community who has held her in these past few years.

Love to all,





One of the great hearts and minds of our time, Barbara Marx Hubbard, has transitioned from this world to her greater yet to be. Barbara was truly a genius visionary who dedicated her life's work to nothing less than "birthing a new humanity." We first met in 1986 when I interviewed her for a film I was making for John Denver called Choices For The Future. Brilliant and delightful, Barbara's pioneering thinking about conscious evolution and human potential psychedelically reframed my understanding of time, place and Self. We went on to work on many projects together over the years and became good friends in the process. It was an honor and a joy to have Barbara in my life and she will be dearly missed.

Here is an excerpt from my interview with her in 2017 for the Circle of Wisdom Living Library ( in which she shares a little about how she discovered her true vocation and how we can discover ours. I hope you enjoy it.

(Many thanks to Dana Walden for the videography and Melissa Laine for the editing support... and to Kelly Sullivan Walden and Rochelle Robertson for being a part of the magic that happened during this interview.)

Kit Thomas



One of the most amazing, vibrant, visionary, beautiful and brilliant human beings of the last 100 years has sadly passed away today, April 10, at the age of 89.Barbara Marx Hubbard, after a very brief illness, has gone to the land of eternal beauty, where she will continue to guide us from beyond, reminding us to embrace and go towards the good, true and beautiful.

Barbara was an eloquent ambassador of the concept of conscious evolution, and was able to clearly articulate our place among the cosmos and here on earth. As Barbara would say, "crises are evolutionary drivers" - and here we are, in a world of many crises, being called to evolve to a new level of being.

Sweet dreams Barbara. May you sing with the angels tonight and for always.

Michael Wayne



Sending love to you, the EL family and Barbara's family. Thanks for the beautiful words, and gratitude to angel Barbara for leading us from the other side!

Gino Pastori-Ng



Blessings and light. She was. She is. She will be. Forever.

Thank you, dearest Barbara for casting your blessing and light into the evolving future and inviting us to join you.


Charles P. Gibbs



Our dearest sweet Barbara is gone and, yet, she is still here. Her everlasting soul is a bright Light that has and will continue to lift Humanity to the heights she had envisioned. She is a blessing for all of humanity. We love you dear sister.

Bruce Lipton and Margaret Horton



Oh Barbara, dear friend and self-designated Star Child, you were such a brilliant star for all of us here on Earth that we will always cherish the many years you spent guiding us into a better future. Your light will not dim as we carry on your work, knowing you are always with us even as you seed new galaxies!

Love always, Elisabet (Sahtouris)



Yes, my friends, I add my intention that Barbara’s soul known exactly what is best for her brilliant light. I add my love and stand by whatever decision she makes and honor every experience she gives the world now and always.

If it is Barbara’s time to walk on, I know that her path is paved with our love, honoring and the peace of a life lived with deep friendship, courage and vision. If it is Barbara’s choice to continue to inspire new orders of humanity, then she will be met with support and love as a revered elder of our community. Any decision means that she continues to walk on as a spirit who radiates hope, creativity, expansive insights and a noble heart.

Here’s to the enduring tenderness, wisdom and action that Barbara represents for all of us.

Connie Buffalo



Thanks to all who joined the meditation for Barbara ... Thank you Lynne and Sheri for calling us in!

Lightness, no strain, release, peace ... the birds made me feel certain she is fine.

Lots of love,




Our Barbara is a strong woman..

I know she’ll do everything she can in her highest good...

Barbara was in my multiple prayers throughout the night...

Gregg Braden



We'll be posting out this intention to our community at CE to encourage a 1PM est intention meditation.

If someone does a FB live, we will be happy to share.

Our thoughts and intentions are with Barabara.

Much love

Joe Martino



A Tribute to Barbara Marx Hubbard (1929-2019)

by Carter Phipps

"Evolution by choice, not by chance."

This is an excerpt from my book, Evolutionaries, published in 2012. Barbara died last night, and in honor of her life and work, I wanted to put this on my blog—the story of a pioneering woman and a remarkable life.



Barbara was the embodiment of what it means to be an Evolutionary-- always growing, evolving with her attention on the highest possible future for humanity -- and creative and playful in her exploration of how to make these possibilities manifest. This interest in creating the new and the force of nature she was in her life has been much spoken about upon her passing and I join in celebrating the magnificence of her life. I want to also presence, acknowledge and celebrate that she was also a generous and loving elder who sponsored and ignited the next generation of evolutionary leaders, using her power, life-force, and connections to elevate and amplify new voices. This generosity of spirit blessed my life beyond measure -- she encouraged, she mirrored, she gave big bold endorsements, she listened with deep interest and curiosity. Barbara lives on through this momentum towards the highest and best for women and for humanity that she ignited in the hearts and minds of others--and as a result, will truly live forever.

Travel well beloved Barbara, I will miss you for the rest of my life and love you forever. Your life was extraordinary --- may we all be as alive as you were during your time on planet earth for the remainder of our days and be co-creating the highest possible future. Your love and leadership blessed has my life beyond measure.

Claire Zammit



One thing that struck me every time I was with Barbara was how her attention was always focused on the future. Whenever we would come together, rather than reminiscing about the past or even telling me about recent events in her life, she always wanted to talk about the new ideas, visions and projects that were inspiring her. And, rather than asking me about how my family was doing or how my students were progressing or how our organization was succeeding, she would ask me what new projects and ideas were on the horizon of my life waiting to come into being. This radical future-orientation was organic to Barbara’s nature and is why I will always remember her as one of the most truly evolutionary human beings I’ve had the privilege to know. I will miss your dynamic, vibrant aliveness, dear Barbara. And, at the same time, I will always carry you with me. I have no doubt that, wherever you are now, you are lighting everyone on fire with your passion for emergence.

With Love,

Craig Hamilton



Sending prayers, healing, and angels Barbara's way!

Many hugs and blessings,

Karen Noe




I’m currently in Asheville NC where we had a festival screening of a movie that features Barbara. The moment her bright eyes flashed on the big screen, I had a strong feeling that I needed to reach out to let her know how eternally grateful I am for the infinite ways she’s impacted my life.

Please pass that on for me Diane, along with a warm hug.

Bless you both...

Mikki Willis



Hello Family,

I am new to this community and have not had the opportunity to meet Barbara in person or any of you yet, however I will join in with meditation from Canada for her healing and recovery.

The love and prayers will be coming in from around the world for her Soul and Heart.

In unity,


Theresa Corazon




Thanks dear Lynne for this important information. I just made a post at the Humanity’s Team Prayer, Intention, Meditation Request group ( asking all for sending light to Barbara.


Gabriel Avruj



She is one of the greatest treasures of this world. May the angels of transformation ensure that she is cared for loved and shepherded through this in whatever way her soul chooses. She is in my heart and soul and prayers.

Love, Lynne Twist



When I woke up this morning and sat in meditation I knew that Barbara had left. I held her in my heart and thought of you too. I had an appointment so I am only now getting a chance to write to you and read all the beautiful e-mails from the EL's.

Having lived in NYC in the late 60's I spent a lot of time with friends in the record industry so I have a tendency to think of things in relation to various music. Today I kept hearing Cat Steven's "Oh Very Young" and somehow it all related to Barbara.

Oh very young, what will you leave us this time
You're only dancin' on this earth for a short while
And though your dreams may toss and turn you now
They will vanish away like your dads best jeans
Denim blue, faded up to the sky
And though you want them to last forever
You know they never will
You know they never will
And the patches make the goodbye harder still

Oh very young what will you leave us this time
There'll never be a better chance to change your mind
And if you want this world to see a better day

Will you carry the words of love with you
Will you, will you ride the great white bird into heaven
And though you want to last forever
You know you never will
You know you never will
And the goodbye makes the journey harder still

Yes, goodbye makes the journey harder doesn't it?... but ...Barbara really was dancing on the earth and she really did want this world to see a better day ... and she really will carry the words of love with her into the heavens... and in our minds and hearts she will always be dancing.... until we see her again.

Love, You




I saw her recently at Sunrise Ranch and she looked so radiant, healthy and happy! Will send good energies and keep her in my prayers for complete healing. Love, Olivia



So much love and prayer going out to Barbara Thank you for sharing with us so that we can hold her in our conscious embrace.

Kristin Hoffmann



Prayers from Claudia Sobrevilla



We’ve been singing prayers and holding Barbara in our hearts.

Thanks again!!

Much love from us three,

Jeanne & John Pehrson and Lawrence Bloom



Prayers from Deb Sandella



Dear EL Friends,

Barbara was a dear friend and a great pioneer who, over decades, courageously called forth humanity’s highest potentials. What a gift her life has been—of inspiration, kindness, and enthusiasm for the journey. We will remember her sparkling wakefulness and her confidence in humanity’s capacity for awakening.

With love, gratitude and blessings for Barbara's continuing journey,




Our Beloved Barbara Marx Hubbard Is Truly An Image Worthwhile! Barbara’s Beautiful Angelic Spirit has entered the Eternal Light and Shall Shine Brightly Forever! We have been Blessed and Touched by an Angel!

Love & Happiness Always,




Dearest Barbara — Ahhh — a big exhale…Thank You! For some days I have been praying for a graceful release, and intending you feel my farewell hug. But words didn’t spring to my tongue until this morning.

You were so many things — especially adorable, playful, flirtatious — aroused, and arousing, catching the “telerotic” scent of conscious evolution fifty years ago, and helping us all notice its fragrance — and helping thousands rationally assess its reality. You told your story in a captivating way, many times, in a way that invited your listeners into that story — and through you, thousands of people experienced a romance with the allure of evolutionary emergence.

And at the same time, you were also our very human and vulnerable friend. It was not just human, but romantic — you were also our evolutionary sweetheart, as we all experienced ourselves, together with you, aroused by the quickening presence of the evolutionary impulse.

I delighted in our creative conversations during our years of collaboration, and delighted in your delight, and in the process came to know and care for you, and to hold your humanity with compassion and care. I am grateful that I was in Cleveland with your dear friend, Sister Judy Cauley, when we heard the news about your entering into hospice, and that we could be with all the feelings and perceptions that swirled as we breathed our final blessings out to you.

I trust you are traveling easefully and joyfully, dear Barbara — thank you for You.

With love always,
Terry Patten



May her example and memory be a comfort to you and that you find peace and joy in her remembrance.

Denise Scotto



Yes, of course saddening to hear this but I am also grateful that she is now free and on to her next mission which am sure will be amazing.

She performed a great service in this life. I am fortunate to have known her and will hold her close in my heart. Let’s all remember her… that smile, her sense of adventure and her magical child-like spirit

Howard Martin



Barbara left us with a charter for the path forward that is as clear as a bell. From her position in the Place of Peace she will be even more powerful as a spiritual guide for us to meet in dreams and visions. Let’s celebrate her life and spiritual journey and when ready, get busy adding our gifts to her vision of the new era for humanity.

Kahontakwas Diane Longboat, M Ed.

Six Nations Grand River Territory

Akwesasne Mohawk Nation



me, Barbara held a sphere of loving light, gentle but rapacious power and energy all around her. Although I knew her best from afar, somehow, in her passing and in my own aging, I have a model for what it means to keep going with full on commitment, courage and conviction to still believe we can make the world a better place. She took the stage at Birth2012 at Agape and she channeled messages of love, inspiration and a call to act like she was on fire. May your journey, Barbara, as a sphere of loving light continue to shine on!

Kanu Kogod



Tribute to Barbara:

I remember the movie Gandhi and what Richard Attenborough said in the very beginning, that it is almost impossible to adequately detail the life of such a powerful soul in a movie. What they could do was be true to the "essence" of the man. I have read many of the comments made about our beloved Barbara since her passing and realize that there is no way to truthfully document the detail of her life in a brief tribute but I will do my best to be true to describing the essence of the woman who became one of our dearest friends and indeed a member of our family.

Barbara was formidable, passionate, and unswerving in her effort to get the "New Story" out to the masses. She, in her own way, was a genius. She had the extraordinary ability to speak of the deepest concepts known to humanity in such a way as to completely disarm a person who might otherwise find it challenging to explore "beyond the box" of one's own beliefs. One of the ways she would do this is with that brilliant and contagious laugh of hers. She would make a statement of unlimited depth that would cause one's mind to expand beyond familiar limits and before a person had time to realize what was happening, she would throw her head back and laugh. In this way, she created a safe space for a person to move into a higher frequency that allowed for more of the Universe's wisdom to come pouring in.

When Barbara and I met, we recognized each other in an instant. Each of us having been given specific visions for helping humanity move fully into the reality of an emerging new species, she said that what I had seen was the next level of what she had been given. For years I have known that the vision I had been given of the Interstellar Universities and surrounding communities and the role they are meant to play in sustaining a higher level of consciousness allowing humanity to be a mature participant in a cosmic community, could not be fully realized and succeed unless the whole of the human consciousness shifted at a very fundamental level into a higher vibrational field. Barbara's vision to create an environment where all of humanity could evolve and awaken to its becoming an "emerging new species" was the piece I intuited but had no idea how it would happen until she and I met two years ago.

Since that time, Barbara made several trips to our home to explore the depth of what we each had been given. It was during one of these frequent visits that she made the comment, "I have had many houses but I have never felt at home, until now." What my husband John and I realized is that carrying visions of the size that she and I both were given, being the visionary can be a lonely road. The judgments and criticisms that come can be many but if one is carrying a true vision, as we both believed the other was doing, then there is no choice but to move forward and "keep on keeping on" as Edgar Mitchell shared at one point...doing it all with as much love as possible.

Barbara was in our home just before we took off for Peru, where we were when she passed. She had so wanted to be on this trip with us (John, Lawrence Bloom, Juan Carlos Kaiten and myself) as we were meeting with Sixto Paz Wells and one of her dearest heart's desires was to make shared contact. We were in the desert the night before she passed and all of us were clear that she had somehow found a way to be with us after all. Her presence now is stronger than ever and I've no doubt that moving forward into the next steps of what we have been given to do will occur with great clarity and love. And I'm certain we'll hear her laugh from time to time.

She is with us all now, able to guide and love each of us in whatever you and we have said yes to, as together we help humanity mature and move into the next and higher level of consciousness.

Thank you, Barbara. You gave all of us such amazing gifts. You are our dear and beloved friend.

Jeanne White Eagle Pehrson



I first met dear Barbara at our annual Els gathering in Ashland in the Summer of 2014, where she was a revered and influential elder and I was a newbie to the circle.

The two things that immediately enchanted me were her eyes and her smile. As we found some shade to sit and start to get to know each other, and as we shared our hopes for humanity’s conscious evolution, looking into her eyes I was immediately drawn back over half a century to another sparking innocent/wise and kind gaze.

When I was growing up in the north of England, for a while, my Mum had helped our local midwife deliver many babies. In those days, births were often at home and the midwife had enormous responsibility, often in sole charge and to ensure a safe birth in sometimes challenging surroundings and circumstances.

With all her many accomplishments, I suddenly realised that Barbara too was a midwife. In her case though and throughout her life she has been helping to midwife the conscious evolution of the emergent beings, a new species, she called homo universalis.

Since we met, dear Barbara and I only had the opportunity to meet personally on a few occasions, but each was joyous and profoundly memorable. The last time (of course!) was in Santa Barbara where our dear EL friends Adam Hall and Kit Thomas hosted a salon for Barbara and myself to share and explore together our ideas with an intimate group.

Nurtured by the sacred land and the warm sunshine, that day was magical. Later as Adam had kindly enabled Barbara and myself to stay at his guest house, the two of us were able to further attune with the tangible sense of this next step of humanity’s long journey and adventure as a vital co-partner with our Universe’s innate evolutionary impulse.

Thank and bless you dear Barbara for being with us; as a fellow traveller, cherished guide and nurturing midwife to the birthing of a new era for all of humanity, our beloved Gaia and all her children.

Jude Currivan



Barbara Marx Hubbard was amazing!

She was without doubt one of the most tangibly evolutionarily enlightened and evolutionarily awake human beings I have ever encountered. I remember one afternoon about 6 years ago calling her in the afternoon and waking her up from a nap. I was stunned to witness the seamlessness with which she re entered consciousness AS the Unique Self/Authentic self without any hesitation, pause or adjustment.

She was in fact ALWAYS THERE! Awake to the ecstatic, ever positive, always future reaching pure bubbling joy for the gift of life that Eros always is. She was THAT fully, totally and unconditionally. That’s why we will miss her so much. She was the very leading edge of the new evolutionary enlightenment, as the living embodiment of what God looks like in human form. In her IT was unmistakable and unavoidable. She made it suddenly obvious that God created this amazing universe as an act of inconceivable Love and Care for what’s possible. Indeed one of her greatest gifts was that she made us all feel totally responsible for what was possible in the most uplifting and profoundly liberating way.

We will miss her blazing example of what the presence of an awakened heart truly means for all of us.



Dearest EL Community:

Our Beloved, Beautiful Barbara has peacefully transitioned though we know her Spirit will shine brightly through the universe and continue to lift galactic conscious evolution.

I know she and her family are deeply grateful to all those that held her in their hearts and souls for her during her transition and now as she makes her journey to the other side.

Enjoy your journey into the realm of pure light and love precious Barbara. We know you are soaring with the Angels and all the other Beings you were looking forward to meeting. I know all those that were touched by your life are in immense gratitude to all that you gave us, the world and beyond.

You will remain in our Hearts Forever Precious One.

With lots of love,




Remembering Barbara Marx Hubbard

Dear Friends,

We are gathered today to celebrate the life of our beloved friend, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and to honor her by renewing her call to action: to do everything we can to help birth a New Humanity in this generation, all of us working together.

I’d like to begin by sharing that I believe Barbara is present with us right now, smiling that this program falls between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Isn’t this perfect? Easter Sunday, in this case, might also symbolize the planetary awakening that is just ahead of us, inspired by Barbara and her dedication to Conscious Evolution. I believe Barbara wants us to know she is still working closely with us from the other side to make this happen.

Barbara believed that our current planetary crisis is actually a birth, so I’d like to start there. Barbara shared how she'd experienced crisis many times in her life, sometimes leading to depression, but she realized crisis was actually her friend, not something to fear. She said crisis always signaled the onset of something wanting to be born in her life. One door needing to close before another door could open.

Once she figured this out, she learned to move quickly from any crisis to the “something new” that was beckoning her, and she also realized this was something universal that could be extended to anyone's personal life and also to the collective. It did not take her long to see that the dysfunction in our personal lives and as a species could be healed by moving to our inner plane where we are connected to elevated consciousness. She called our next evolutionary step into the new species Homo Universalis, and she offered many powerful insights to help us make the transition from Homo Sapien to that new version of human we are destined to become.

Over the years, Barbara participated in many Humanity's Team programs beginning with our launch in Wilsonville, Oregon in June, 2003. I remember standing in the crowd when Barbara was introduced. People next to me said “Who is that?” Most people didn’t recognize her. After her talk, people were standing on chairs shouting out in delight at her message. That was the last time Barbara attended a Humanity’s Team event as an unknown to most of the crowd!

Barbara was also present during our first Global Oneness Day celebration in 2010 and in subsequent years. She was a co-host of our Oneness in the 12 Spheres of Life programming for over a year and has been an active member of our Humanity's Team faculty, teaching programs in transformational education for the past couple of years.

As many of you know, one of Barbara’s more important accomplishments was her book called 52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution: A Process of Metamorphosis to Realize our Full Potential Self. One Sunday in 2018, she contacted me to share about one of the codes she was deeply experiencing. She told me she was literally feeling her cells shimmering in divine consciousness, and asked me if I might want to feel into this with her. Of course, I agreed without hesitation, and she guided me into a powerful experience of this cellular “shimmering” that I will never forget. Thankfully, this kind of thing happened more than once, and I will deeply treasure those shared experiences with her for the rest of my life.

One of the most profound insights Barbara brought forward was that a two-party political system could not survive because of its propensity to isolate and organize for a purpose other than the highest good. For me, this was a stunning realization at that time. I had majored in political science in college and knew immediately that she was right.

Barbara set out from there to create a model working group adaptable to any situation, and in partnership with Lt. Col. John J. Whiteside, developed what became known as SYNCON, a powerfully effective process to facilitate organization and progression, even under highly strained circumstances such as agreements between opposing gang members, and discussions between thought leaders on very different sides of a polarizing issue.

Barbara had a genius for naming deeper callings and states within us before they were widely recognized, such as Vocational Arousal, that pointed toward vocational opportunities that were so exciting and stimulating they were almost sexual in their internal experience.

Supra Sex and Regenopause were other terms Barbara coined to illustrate other important evolutionary impulses. She also shared that the impulse to cocreate was similar to the urge to procreate, and it was through these kinds of new terms and explanations that I witnessed her again and again pull people into deeper understandings, accelerating them on their evolutionary paths.

Barbara’s manner of speaking and leading was what first caught my attention when I came to know her. She was a true genius who could synthesize historical and contemporary material without obscuring the slightest detail. She was a futurist with a powerful vision. During presentations, summits and interviews, she would draw people in quickly and deeply engage them. If you ever sat in an audience where she was speaking, I’m sure you’ll never forget it.

Barbara was also inclusive to a fault. She would often unexpectedly draw others into the spotlight when it was focused on her. One time, when I had joined her for the premier of the documentary film about her life, she unexpectedly asked me to stand and tell the audience about conscious business. I was stunned that she wanted to direct the audience’s attention to me when they had come in from around the country to watch the debut of this film celebrating her life that had been over five years in the making.

Barbara's life was a wonderful contrast of thoughtful planning, rigorous work, uninhibited release and cheerful celebration. While she lived very much "in the moment," when she was preparing for a major presentation or a new program, she would carefully plan everything out and rigorously evaluate materials with those close to her. Her mission in life was very serious to her, so nothing short of life-changing would do.

She also journalled for most of her life so she could record newly discovered creativity, document her relationship and conversations with the Divine, and musings about her life and work. The extensive collection of personal journals she left behind is astounding.

But Barbara was certainly not always so planned and serious. She loved being with other people and she loved to have fun. As I said, she lived very much in the moment, and she was often quite playful with others and loved to celebrate, often making even small accomplishments or happenings cause for joyful celebration with a glass of wine, music, and a party-like atmosphere.

Barbara was a powerful evolutionary activist. Following the process she developed, she felt she had become perpetually "new," experiencing elevated consciousness from the other side, and jumped at any opportunity to share about her discoveries with any group that was interested, regardless of the monetary compensation.

Barbara's life mission was to lead an all-inclusive planetary awakening, and nothing was going to stand in her way. She developed the “Wheel of Co-Creation" to examine and plan awakening in all spheres of life and she missed no opportunity to call people to the sphere that was most important to them so they could create conscious, positive change. The whole point in awakening for her was to create flourishing throughout the Earth, and nothing less than that would do. Barbara devoted her whole life to this cause and she spent decades leading us downfield.

On Barbara’s last evening of full consciousness, she led the weekly session of her Evolutionary Ambassador Academy program from her hospital bed. She was powerful and spirited, giving not the slightest hint that she was about to cross over.

In recognition of Barbara’s outstanding leadership and her many contributions to Conscious Evolution, Humanity’s Team bestowed Barbara Marx Hubbard with our 2013 Spiritual Leadership Award at a ceremony in this very room, here at Sunrise Ranch.

I dearly miss Barbara and will forever be grateful for her many contributions both to my own life, and to the world. I know all of you must feel the same way.

I think the best way we can honor Barbara is by continuing the work of birthing a New Humanity, and creating that flourishing world in this generation.

Barbara was never willing to settle for anything less, so neither should we.

I hope we can make her proud as we continue to fulfill that mission.

Steve Farrell

Collage Courtesy of Connie Baxter Marlow