A Call to Conscious Evolution: Our Moment of Choice

Economic disparity, geopolitical tensions, climate change, educational inequities -- these mounting concerns are symptoms of a world that is out of balance. Together we can shift consciousness by co-creating a new way of being together.

The Call to Conscious Evolution was born following a gathering of global visionaries. It's a movement that fully supports that the future is not what happens to us, but rather what WE create.

Together, we can co-create a new narrative of conscious evolution by:

  • Building a global community and creating a culture of peace.
  • Restoring ecological balance to nourish all life, and mitigate the effects of climate change.
  • Engaging in social and political transformation by calling for a more conscious democracy.
  • Promoting health and healing by acknowledging the profound mind-body-spirit connection.
  • Supporting research and education that optimize human capacities.
  • Encouraging integrity in business and conscious media.

In this great time of uncertainty, join us in elevating consciousness to create a better world. One governed by meaning and purpose. Accept nothing less.

Every voice counts -- YOUR voice counts.

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We answered the Call to Conscious Evolution

3:33 pm, May 10, 2019 – Nicolas Diodati, Houston, Texas, United States Nicolas.Diodati_48718's picture

Evolve our language.

1:57 pm, May 9, 2019 – Heather Boynton, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada hmboynton_48710's picture

To accelerate and shift the consciousness we can set intentions, share knowledge and transformational spiritual messages. Put on workshops and seminars to promote community and coming together in peace, love, collaboration and transformation.

7:04 pm, May 6, 2019 – Andrew Cameron Bailey, LOVELAND, Colorado, United States andrew_48704's picture

Climate change is opening the heart through love of Mother Earth, all life and future generations. We must come together in a higher frequency where the laws are expanded and we can restore the climate in short order! Accessing The Trust Frequency with new assumptions about the nature of the conscious loving abundant Universe. See my partner Connie Baxter Marlow and my book "The Trust Frequency: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm." www.TheTrustFrequency.net. Check out my climate restoration solutions www.SacredEarthEnterprises.us. Together we can shift consciousness and flourish on a cool green magnificent planet Earth.

6:54 pm, May 6, 2019 – Connie Baxter Marlow, Loveland, Colorado, United States trust_48703's picture

Work together to spread the word: It's a conscious loving abundant universe! This is our life-work. We have written a book "The Trust Frequency: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm" informed by indigenous cosmology, quantum science, Eastern and Western mysticism and plain common sense. www.TheTrustFrequency.net. Change your assumptions and the world changes with you. Access the Trust Frequency where the laws are expanded and there is more beauty, joy, balance and abundance than we can fathom.

7:50 pm, May 5, 2019 – Heather Stallings, Ventura, California, United States h.c.stallings_48701's picture

Expand and bring more of our collective energy together to create and accelerate the shift.

4:11 am, May 3, 2019 – Maia Monasterios, Los Angeles, Florida, United States shaktipowerproductions_48692's picture

Come together in small communities of deep devotion to this shift, to the work of alchemy needed to bring it forth and weave higher levels of coherence able to be sustained among people in order to enter the slipstream accelerator to that leads to the Synarchy!

4:57 am, Apr 30, 2019 – james nordlund, Moorhead, Minnesota, United States jamesmnordlund_48676's picture

Humanity's only possibility of existing is threading the needle, each one turning 360 degrees around, back to the evolution and the future it will only have if we each do. Walking nature's balance, giving back to it's abundance, "...we(e),...", of illimitable potential, indivisible as life, are to be this day what it is to be this day. Thanx :) reality