The Gulf Needs You

Are you tired of sitting around while our environment is being destroyed?

Do you feel helpless, angry or powerless to make a difference
as you watch millions of gallons of oil pouring into the Gulf every day
with no end in sight and thousands losing their lives and their livelihoods?

Join The Gulf Call to Sacred Action

The Evolutionary Leaders: In Service to Conscious Evolution have joined together
to be a loud and important voice for all who feel powerless.

The People Need You ~ The Gulf Needs You

Join the Evolutionary Leaders for four FREE inspiring, profound and
world-changing, global, 70-minute gatherings via telephone and internet

When tens of thousands take one small collective step,
there will be a powerful impact for the good of humanity.

You have the opportunity here today to make dramatic change.
Let people know who you are and what you stand for.

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The Gulf Call to Sacred Action


Setting Our Sacred Intention

Lynne McTaggart Jean Houston Deepak Chopra

We begin by setting our collective intention. Join Deepak Chopra to set our powerful vision and participate in a worldwide Intention Experiment with renowned author and journalist Lynne McTaggart. Explore how our collective intention, our voice and our commitment can impact the cleanup of the oil spill. And then we will be graced by Jean Houston who will share with us why this time matters and why we matter.

The Power of Sacred Prayer

Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith Joan Borysenko James O'Dea

Our collective prayers and thoughts have the power to cause a profound shift on the planet. Pray with some of the most powerful spiritual thought leaders -- Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith, Joan Borysenko, James O'Dea and more. Together we discover that we have the power to change the world.

The Heart of Sacred Activism

Barbara Marx Hubbard Gregg Braden Andrew Harvey

Open up and connect to the deeper heart of our planet where we hear our individual and collective call to action. Together with sacred activists Barbara Marx Hubbard, Gregg Braden, and Andrew Harvey, we will take back our power and move into powerful action that will forever change our lives and the lives of generations to come.

The Sacred Cell

Bruce Lipton Ashok Gangadean Debbie Ford

Join Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Ashok Gangadean, and Debbie Ford for a dialogue illuminating the Gulf crisis through the eyes of quantum physics, cell biology and human consciousness.

How does our consciousness influence the world around us? How can we apply what we have learned about our power to create our reality to the Gulf oil spill? How may we have already influenced the outcome and what do we need to do, think, and be to shape a sustainable future?

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a cellular biologist who is an internationally recognized authority in bridging science and spirit. Dr. Ashok Gangadean, an innovator in "Deep Dialogue", is Professor and Chair of Philosophy at Haverford College where he has taught for the past forty-two years.

Debbie Ford

Hi, I'm Debbie Ford, one of the Evolutionary Leaders, and I had the honor of hosting and moderating these four world-changing calls. Please join us by signing up today and then become an Agent of Change by sharing this message with your friends. (Email it. Share it on Facebook. Tweet it.)

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The Gulf Call to Sacred Action

You are important. Your life and your actions make a difference.
Please know that we need you to join us.

The calls are FREE but we are asking that if it is possible for you
to donate even a $1, $10, or $20, the Evolutionary Leaders will deliver your contributions
to the local communities directly affected by the oil spill.
All donations will be taken through the Chopra Foundation.

Donate today and be an Agent of Change!

A special opportunity to give and participate

If you donate over $2,500, come with Andrew Harvey, Debbie Ford and some of the other Evolutionary Leaders to Louisiana and be a part of ceremony where we will deliver the funds. This will be a life-changing experience for you and your loved ones.

The Gulf Call to Sacred Action is your opportunity to connect with
the spiritual warrior inside who knows you matter, you make a difference, the world needs you, and you are part of something
greater than yourself.

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The Gulf Call to Sacred Action

Evolutionary Leaders: In Service to Conscious Evolution invite you in.

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