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Myra Jackson incarnated as a female where the land meets the ocean, in the bioregion known as California Mediterrannea, in the city of Newport Beach, in the spring of 1958. Myra carries the title of Diplomat of the Biosphere from Stockholm Resilience Center. She feels this title resonates with her incarnational purpose in a verisimilar way that her Tibetan Buddhist title serves as an inner and outer technology toward pristine awareness and realization of the interrelatedness and interdependence of all life.

Myra has lived abroad and traveled the globe. She is well-rooted in various ancient indigenous and spiritual lineages. As a practitioner in the Vajrayana tradition, she builds upon previous lifetimes of connection to the Buddha dharma.

Today, she devotes her time in service to communities and organizations focused on bringing forth public policy focused on the wellness of people and planet as a donor activist and philanthropic legacy builder. In her UN role as a focal point on climate change she links public policy, civic awareness and action from the global to the local amplifying all 17 sustainable development goals.

As an electrical engineer, OD Professional and systems thinker, Myra found that her studies in electrical theory, music, power generation, the sciences and the natural world deeply informed her spiritual life. Today, those experiences provide useful metaphorical language in discussing the subtle realm and alchemy. Myra feels that the Great Mother (with her masculine fully ensconced) is an archetype emerging with fierce clarity and resplendent force, evoking our deep connection to universal being and guiding us in the creative task of ordering chaos as we cross the threshold into a new era of being. After 30 years, she unveils this whispered wisdom in the public domain via radio, writings and gatherings. 

To embody one's feminine essence during a time when outmoded ways of seeing and being in the world are giving way to that which is life honoring is an act of awakening and an act of returning to the inner-sources of creative power.